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yesterday, i comforted a friend of mine at itago natin siya sa pangalang “CASA” πŸ˜‰ she told me that she received a call from their HR dept and was said to report the next morning. but the only thing she told me was:

Sis, please pray for me…

so i did… today, she texted me and told me that she was given a warning regarding something… something like what? that i can’t tell. i ask her if she’s okay, she replied me with:

I’m okay… I’ll be fine…

i really don’t know what to tell her, but when i saw her this afternoon i just hugged her and i can feel her tears fall down her eyes while saying:

Why? Why they did this to us? Of all people… sila pa? People who I treasured as friends… People who I trusted… People who called one time for comfort… People who asked for help when they need one… People who I laughed, cried and sacrificed the pain of living away with my family… People I previously worked with… People who I thought have pure and clean heart… People who I called FRIENDS…

and as expected, she started crying so hard that the only thing i did to make her feel okay is to be silent and just listened to her. if i where in her shoes, i’m 100% 200% sure that will feel the same way.

i then realized how lucky i am to have good friends back home 😦 berks who never betrayed on me, berks who shared laughter with me, and berks who will fight for me. i hope CASA will overcome the pain she has right now.

for those PEOPLE who did this to her, i hope you all have a good sleep at night and may GOD (if you believe in one) bless you because you made 1Β or more souls face this challenge in their lives.

for CASA:

Sis, stay strong! God knows that as of now, their conscience is killing them one by one. Just cry for now… everything will turn out fine… just like before… iyo parin ang huling halakhak πŸ˜€


yesterday i wasn’t able to blog because there was a big fire here in our flat, nope just kidding! i’m just busy and i wanted to sleep early so that somehow i can forget that i have dozens of pimples around my face πŸ˜₯

anyway, ryan (a friend of mine) just went back from pinas and have a small package from my loving parents. wow! πŸ™‚ i’m so happy because finally i can see the package they sent for me. in na kung pumili si mommy ng damit for me huh πŸ˜‰ unlike before masabi lang na nakadamit ako, ay naku! hehe! joke lang, love you mom!

everybody at the shop was teasing me because they can see me so happy especially when i found out that there’s a letter from mommy 😦 i told myself that i will read it once i get home, but the excitement of knowing what’s inside bothered me so when ryan left the shop and there’s no customers, i bring out the letter and started reading it. syempre, tuksuhan blues ito. hehe! first line says “dearest jheng…” — waah! i miss my mommy so much! haay! when i was browsing thru the letter, she said that daddy was sleeping already when she was writing it, πŸ˜‰ “knowing daddy…”, she said.

flashback into the 90’s when we were still in Riyadh… whenever we received a package from my sisters sobrang excited ako. shirt, papemelrotti, angel’s breath (yikes! ang tagal na pala nun…), and not to forget sky-flakes (kasi during that time wala pang pinoy store sa KSA na nag-iimport ng mga food from Phils eh). stop reminiscing jheng, reality bites… charot!

after oppening the package i sent anΒ  SMS to tell them that i got the package na. she replied by saying “tell me now if it fits you…” — haller! ang nanay ko talaga minsan di makapaghintay. alam naman nya na nasa shop ako eh… hehe! πŸ™‚ sabi ko nalang sa kanya na masikip yung pedal (kahit hindi…) hehe!

that’s it for now. just want to share the happiness of receiving simple things from my parents. thank you mommy and daddy… loveyou both and imissyou so much! mwah! πŸ™‚

hi world!

today is my off so me and my cousin (ate Salve) with bf kuya Cesar went out to eat lunch. but we decided not to go far so sa Al-Meera lang kami nagpunta. parang di narin ako nag-off kasi dumaan din ako sa shop eh πŸ˜†

around 230p nasa shop na kami but my cousin called me and said that she’ll be late kasi magpapagupit muna daw siya. aba! past 3pm na dumating ang lola mo! 😦 pero okay lang kasi nilibre naman nya ako sa kfc eh. thanks ate!

ate salve is my 2nd cousin. her father and my father are 1st cousins. actually, when her family found out that i’ll be leaving for qatar, they immediately gave ate salve’s contact number so that i can call her up and see each other dito sa doha. i even brought her picture kasi di ko siya kilala as in… my sister’s knew her since childhood playmates sila when my parents where still leaving in mandaluyong. kaya di ko siya kilala as in… πŸ™‚ makulit din ito si ate salve… nasa genes siguro talaga namin na maging makulit, bungisngis and kalog! haha! LOBITANA Rules! Rock on! πŸ™‚ then i told them to come over sa flat para makita nila ang munting bahay namin. sayang nga lang kasi in a hurry si kuya cesar since may work pa siya so they left din agad.

camera princess! πŸ™‚

wow! do we look alike? di noh?


YES! model look — bagong rebond kasi!

“this smile is for you…”

with bf, kuya cesar πŸ˜‰

after a long day of taking pictures since today is my rest day, isn’t it that i promise that i’ll try to cook one dish every rest day? so hayun, i cooked corn beef. napakahirap gawin nyan… hehe! wala namang ingredients na special pero i still took a shot to invent a new style, haha! i really feel ashamed of myself talaga knowing that in my age, kahit simpleng corn beef eh kailangan ko pang aralin. pero syempre, tao lang ako… i’m not perfect… charot! sabi ni ate ana, kulang daw sa asin… so mega lagay naman ako ng asin… pero napadami ata ang tubig ko ning… kaya parang sinigang! haha! naglagay nalang si ate ana ng cabbage para medyo magand ang kalalabasan. my gosh! 😳

oo nga, mukha ngang hindi corn beef! πŸ˜†

hi friends, hi world, hi bloggers! nothin’ much to blog about today. except the fact that it’s 3:10am already and i can’t sleep! that’s why here i am… wonderin what on earth i’ll do to make my blog presentable πŸ˜€ everytime i logged in to wordpress, first thing i will click is the Presentation tab πŸ™‚ why? because upto now, i’m not satisfied with the theme i have with my blog πŸ˜† lagi akong nagpapalit ng blog theme, adik! but somehow, i started to think na nag-match yung header design ko na gamit with blogger with the theme i’m using right now with wordpress… hmmm… that makes me think na it’s really destined na maging sky blue ang theme ng blog ko. ironic kasi pink ang fave color ko πŸ˜†

anyway, i’m surfing around the faq’s of wordpress kasi i really want to put my cbox here pero i think wordpress is not html/script friendly eh. tried to put meebo widgets but it’s like sending me an offline message. meaning i have to log-in to meebo to retrieve my messages w/c is not good because it will take a lot of time. haay buhay makulay! so guys, pls help me out if you have any suggestions on how to put some kulay sa blog ko pls? πŸ˜‰

even if i drink milo, wa epek pare! di parin ako antok! 😯 gising na gising ang diwa ko dude! waaahh!

let me make kwento nalang what happen sa shop today. there was a lady who was supposed to buy Hala SIM, but unfortunately we run out of stock. so me and diana started to make kwento nalang. her name is tita violy. she’s visiting doha for 3mos. she’s staying in milan for almost 7years as a nanny to an old citizen. she started interviewing us about life here in qatar and how we see qatar in 2 to 3 years time. we talked about philam life and it’s benefits… haha! recruiter pala si tita ng philam life. too bad she doesn’t have any flyers about the product. napaisip tuloy ako “will i be needing that?” — well, siguro nga mas advisable na mag-pension. i just turned 26 and i think i need one. πŸ˜• whatchathink? ewan ko lang… insha-allah after a few years, i can find out the answers to my questions. charot! πŸ™‚

haay naku… hayan na inaantok na ako. i’ll go to sleep na. nyt people! thanks for stayin’ up late with me… zzzz…

wasn’t able to blog yesterday due to excitement! one of my new year resolution is for me to somehow know how to cook a meal kahit sa isang buwan lang. yes, di ako marunong magluto and that’s one the hatest thing my mom doesn’t like about me. i know how to fry eggs, fry nuggets & burgers, fry eggs ayy did i mention that already? o sige, fry fish nalang πŸ™‚ hehe! and i’m perfect for cooking rice, hehe!

iΒ was really planning to cook food for my day-off since i’ll be left alone here at the flat. pero syempre sigurista ako, i let maricel take a straight duty para at least pag nasunog ang meal eh witness siya. hehe! last week i let diana instruct me on how to cook it, thanks sis! you’re such a great help. history ito!

these are the ingredients i prepared for a simple “mechado ala jhari”:

  • onion
  • garlic
  • 2 packs tomato sauce
  • 1kg beef
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • 2 knorr beef cubes
  • anyway, heres the picture of the mechado success! next time, chicken curry naman kasi fave dish ko kasi yun eh. πŸ™‚

    yup! thanks god it’s tuesday. why? kase tomorrow is my off.. yahoo! πŸ˜› i’m planning to clean our flat then after that i can use the net all day long.. pero syempre baka abutin ako ng syam2x kakalinis ng bahay, ganun din! hehe! winner itich! πŸ˜€

    today, everything went well sa shop. i sold 1 phone but unfortunately there’s a shortage with our money so we have to divide and again unfortunately we have to pay QR 5/each πŸ˜• i don’t know why it happen pero it happened na eh.. what to do ya-ni?

    i’m beginning to confuse myself with wordpress, since i’m new i can’t seem to upload my pictures on each post… 😦 pag-nagupload ako sobrang laki! good thing ate litzie (the one i looked up to with regards to LO’s) is there to lend a helping hand… thanks teLitzie πŸ˜‰ — i’m hoping that someday i can surf around the faq’s of wordpress to check out how everything works out.. kasi lahat parang new eh. ex-blogger user kasi ako kaya heto, ngapa to the max. bakit ba kasi ako lumipat dito sa wordpress? wala lang.. nakita ko kasi si teLitzie na nasa wordpress na eh.. i feel like changing narin.. hehe! kaya heto nandito ulit ako (gaya-gaya puto maya πŸ˜† )

    that’s all folks… i will sleep for now and tomorrow i will chat whole day.. wish ko lang πŸ˜€


    happy new year to all! i’m way to late to greet everyone but because i’m too busy with work and being on the night shift is not good at all since eventhough i wake up late pero yung feeling na late din ako nakakatulog. not to mention the terrible insomnia i have… sheesh! πŸ˜‰

    year 2006 was a great year for me. when 2006 came i immediately read my chinese horoscope and it says there that i’ll be good in sales, so sobrang naparanoid ako kasi i was in customer service when 2006 started then all of a sudden yun ang sasabihin ng horoscope ko? so i started to realize na siguro there’s something in store for me and i have to check it out. so i started to apply abroad 1st quarter of 2006 and 1st month of the 3rd quarter i flied here in doha, qatar and the rest is history. that’s why i’m so blessed for the year 2006 kasi lahat ng hiling ko binigay nya. year of the dog for me is truely a success. year of the pig kaya? so ewan lang natin diba, it’s in God’s hands. πŸ™‚

    sa health naman, i’m so thankful kasi for the whole year aside from the daily headache i’ve been through and the ultimate gas pain i had, wala naman masyadong sakit ang napunta sa akin πŸ˜€ sana for this year 2007 ganun din. and also for my family. πŸ™‚

    although i’m starting my 2007 alone, i’m still happy kasi i have my loyal family guiding me all the way to success… and so far, me and my bestfriend is keeping in touch na lately πŸ˜‰ hope that this will be a good start for both of us as well.

    till here muna. next time i’ll upload pictures as time pass by and sana magkatime din me to write down my new year resolution — sheesh! parang highschool – hehe! πŸ™‚