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belated happy valentines day to all of you bloggers! 8)

my valentines day was so exciting. i woke up thinking that this will just be an ordinary day for me. but i was totally wrong.

at the shop, i can’t stop thinking of my bestfriend. sino kaya ka-date nya? sino kaya ang bibigyan nya ng flowers? for sure he’ll make it special kasi pag nagmahal yun naku, sobra-sobra… masakit mang isipin na ganun ang feeling pero yun ang totoo eh. so anyway, i texted him to say happy vday syempre, saying na i’ll always be there for him no matter what and that i’ll always love him -forever. not to forget, i was able to browse his blog and pakshet! may story about certain munchkins ever… i cried… that’s the only thing i can do. i can’t win him back… tapos na eh… and there’s a girl already that will make him happy… he called her “certified life saver” 😥 ang hirap mag-let go… lalo na kung alam mong you’re the reason why everything didn’t fall into place. but thinking that that person will be happy if you let go, make it more worst. sa isip ko, sana di nalang ako umalis… sana nag-stay nalang ako sa tabi nya… but everything happens for a reason. they said

that if you love someone, set him/her free, if he/she comes back -it’s meant to be.

pero bakit ganun? i feel the other way around? 😦 valentines day made me realized that it’s not enough that you hang on to someone who will not be happy if you stayed. haaay! so what i did? nothing… i just lied to myself saying na “no, i’m not letting go… even if will hurt him this way… i will not…” pero this afternoon… i was able to talk to him again… ang sabi nya masaya na daw siya sa buhay nya. i asked and asked… we exchanged words na alam naming makakasakit sa aming dalawa. then came

 but when i got home… biglang nagbago lahat (again?)

when i opened the main door, i thought mali ako ng pasok… because the door’s slightly open and parang nagbago yung sala (yun pala naglinis si maricel – off kasi siya that day). i checked the number “flat#3” – tama… ito nga ang flat ko.

now i’m opening my door… as i turned on the lights, i saw flowers scattered on top of my bed… i said to myself again “shit? am i dreaming or what?”. know what i did? i closed the door and as if my world stopped for a minute, then i opened the door again and the bears are still there. ay naku! i called maricel “maricel… ano ‘to?” 😀 she just said “haller! obvious ba?”

after that big surprise, everyone get ready because we’re all going to Corniche for a simple get together. we’re supposed to go boating pero pagdating namin sa Corniche sakto namang alis ng boat. haha! we noticed that’s it’s already past 11pm, no wonder why they stoped working na. hehe! adik!

Valentines Day 2007


finally! after 4mos, my long waited so called “monthly period” came today 🙂 and i’m so proud to have it. why? because my face is beginning to be a place for acne. sa sobrang dami ng pimples ko feeling ko lahat na ata ng germs nasa mukha ko… 😥 pero this afternoon, i felt that something’s wrong with me. iritable ako tapos feeling ko ang sama ng pakiramdam ko + not to forget the pain at my back. i suddenly remember the reason why i have a headache last night.

imagine, for the year 2006 my so called “visitor” came twice only?! january to july = zero, then august and september “i’m a woman” ang title ko. october to january of this year = zero ulit. alhamdulil-llah at dumating ngayon february. i was planning to see a doctor next week to check on my so called abnormality problem. hehe! alam kong retroverted ang ovaries ko, but i never expected that this will be a big problem for me especially that the so called BIG DAY is coming soon 😉 you’ll find out more about it, insha-allah!

this is it for now, I’M A WOMAN – damn so proud of it 🙂

yesterday, there was a girl who came in the shop at Musheireb and we’re selling bed sheets covers. me & ate ana we’re having a hard time communicating with her since she’s not good in english nor can’t speak arabic. my goodness! 😀 we told her to come back the next day to give us the color what we want.

here’s a picture of the new covers:

last friday by the way, i asked kuya iqbal and ate heyam to pick me up at the shop since i was planning to buy a set of abaya. i ordered it already, and it will be ready for pick up tomorrow since i’m small, they don’t have size for me -unfortunately! hehe! 🙂 so i bought a pair of hijabs instead. i said to ate Heyam that i look like SARAH BALABAGAN, 😆

Maryam in Pink 😉


hehe! it’s so happy to hear that the newspaper clippings where royal plaza featured have been publised. at first, i never believed that they will really print it out on the newspaper. my shift with a colleague will start 230pm. ronald (oic for royal plaza) called me i think an hour ago to inform me to wear the proper uniform since our boss will go there with some people from the media to witness the draw for the “Wheels & Heels” REACH OUT TO ASIA event which happened 3days back at the khalifa stadium. the winner will be given a free PLATINUM – SHOWTIME subscription fro Starlink. sosyal!

so here’s the picture our boss sent us… grabe! dati sa mga campus journal lang ako nag-aapear, ngayon pang-international na… charot! 🙂

Ronald, Me and Via

today, I welcome and open my knowledge to ISLAM. i’ve been thinking a lot lately why is it that things are not okay in my life. i guess because there’s something missing in me. last night, kuya Iqbal told me that he and ate Mich (Heyam) will go to Islamic Center near Corniche to know more about Islam and the peace that you’ll find with it. since today is my off, i told her that i will come with them — and so I did.

after an hour of talking to Sister Sarah, i said to myself that I know what’s missing in me… my faith in God. it’s been a while (honestly speaking) i haven’t talked to God about my life. probably because í’m ashamed of what’s happening in my life that’s why. but God is great! he’s the only one who knows me. in His guidance I will be successful in everything I do — Insha-Allah 🙂

Well, here’s a picture of me inside kuya’s car after the session at the Islamic Center.

Sheesh! hindi bagay sa akin ang maging isang madre! 😀