Monthly Archives: March 2007

Β yesterday, ay mali… the other day pala… i cooked my ever first special meal… “CARBONARA” — special thanks to Diana Diana for sharing her recipe to me πŸ˜‰ i’ve been planning to cook this for centuries for weeks lang naman, but i don’t have time to buy the ingredients… my goodness! if being married is like this, i’d rather be single for the rest of my life… hehe! i mean, why can’t i just be a girl who doesn’t know how to cook? plain and simple diba? di magulo ang buhay kung ganun…

listen to my kwento:

i woke up 12pmΒ thinking that “finally it’s my off…” — pero wrong thinking pala. while cleaning the house, i prepared to boil the chicken (because i have to cut it into strips accdg to Diana Diana)… so syempre, i have to make myself busy for a while. after that, i prepared the ingredients na, i realized that the evap milk i bought is not enough. so i asked ate ana to come with me and go down the mini store to buy 2 cans of rainbow evap. hayan! complete na ang ingredients.

after 3 hours of cooking… here’s the result na… tada! πŸ˜€ ayos ba? i know it looks like chicken salad or something, but if you see it in real, it’s carbonara. hehe! πŸ˜† i used macaroni pasta instead of the regular pasta. but next time i will use the regular one. Sweety tasted it and he said that it’s delicious. i don’t know if he’s just saying that just to make me happy or simply again because he doesn’t have any choice… hehe! πŸ˜†

i then realize that knowing how to cook is really a big deal. i suddenly appreciate my mom. speaking of MOM — in arabian calendar, today is their Mother’s Day. i don’t know ifΒ i will greet mami, but since i’m following the gregorian calendar, i might as well greet her this May 2007, hehe! πŸ˜‰ as i was saying, i finally know the reason why i don’t know how to cook. it’s because whenever mami’s in the kitchen, i’m always infront of the tv sink — why? because i’m washing the dishes… πŸ˜† that’s all i do whenever mami cook… ekek!

back to my kwento:

after the said brunch/meryenda since i finished past 3pm cooking the said carbonara, i cleaned my room and our flat of course. then i checked on the clock and said “sheesh! it’s almost 8pm! i need to cook dinner ” — waaahh!! 😦 again! cook again! waaaahhh! if day off will be like this everyday, i’d rather work and have sales. ate Heyam saw me wearing my apron, i told her that i’ve been wearing it for the whole day. “it’s my uniform…” i said. πŸ˜€ i asked her to help me prepare “ADOBONG LIVER”. but i didn’t put soy sauce because the other half doesn’t like soy sauce that much. and Alhamduli-llah, it went out okay. too bad i wasn’t able to take a pic of it. next time nalang πŸ˜‰

that’s the end of my cooking kwento…

on the other side of my life naman… i’m so happy because i have the chance to talk to my bestfriend. i miss him so much! i kept thinking about her at work the whole day. i don’t know why, but when we talked over YM i realized why. and the funny thing about is was when i was talking to her i was listening to his song he composed for both of us and coincidently, he was playing it with his guittar this afternoon… no wonder why…Β  haaay! i wish i could bring back the memories. because if i could, i’m sure i will not be like this complicated… sigh!

work updates naman… te Jee was transferred to RP 😦 *sniff… i don’t have any partners in crime sa shop. waaahh!!! te Jee… balik ka na ah!

till next update. ciao.


today rather yesterday (thursday), i woke up w/o sun, sunlight, sun raise… hehe! the windy weather today makes me feel lazy… 😦 but in spite of that, there’s a lot of people at the mall. i was asking kuya Gio why is it that’s most of the people around the mall are all teens, he answered me by saying “because today is saturday…” — haller! today yesterday was thursday! but what he means was in the philippines, yesterday was like SATURDAY NIGHT because tomorrow today is friday, yani no work for private/government employess… of course not to starlink people πŸ˜€ i then miss my berks back home. we used to see each other after work, just to get along together. i have the feeling that i will not be able to complete them all once i went home for a vacation 😦 haay!

sa sobrang dami ng tao sa mall, most of them just go around… i was looking in a group of teenagers, i think i saw them 5 times. di kaya sila napapagod kakalakad? hehe! πŸ˜€ i mean lakad lang sila ng lakad, wala namang mga dalang pinamili. mga adik! πŸ˜†

today, Sweety and i woke up early. we went to phil. embassy to process my Singleness Certificate and thanks GOD everything went fine. πŸ˜€ i was scared at first because i found out that the person who can help us make the process faster was busy due to lots of indirect customers, so i was thinking that what if they will find another papers… you know… filipinos are like that… even in the phils. if you have some urgent papers needed, the more you need them the more complications they will give you. like what? like making you provide another sets of documents… bla-bla-bla! thanks GOD talaga everything worked out today.

next step, kuya Iqbal will take mine and te Heyam’s papers to be translated in arabic. then what? i really don’t know but we’ll find out this friday. insha-Allah πŸ˜‰

on the other side of my life… a dear friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend. Γ­ really don’t like guys who take you for granted. buti sana kung kagwapuhan yung guy! pero hindi eh… (ang sama ko!) well, i’m just being honest. i mean… in a relationship (i may not be a perfect girlfriend but i know where i am right now as a human being), there are two people involved, right? so as they said “it takes two to tangoe…”. di pwedeng ikaw lang ang bigay ng bigay, right? good thing again, GOD is wise enough to show my friend what the fact is. i know she’ll move on… time will heal the wounds. and i’m happy because i know it hurts a lot for her to move on like this especially since she loved the person, but on the otherhand… i’m so happy for her because i know that there’s another one who deserve her love. kaya kayo jang mga inlove… ehem! watch out! πŸ˜€

it’s been quite a while. don’t have time to update my blog since from work, i’m always thinking what to cook pag nasa bahay na. ganito pala ang feeling ng alam mong mayron kang iniisip na taong kakain with you, hehe! so far, i’m thinking of making another page for my blog. just to show off all the meals i’ve been preparing for the past few weeks. πŸ˜€

Β today, i woke up early to come with sister Heyam off to Phil. Embassy to process some papers. but unfortunately… i forgot my passport copy so mine is not yet complete or shall i say -never been processed. ang shunga2x ko kasi eh πŸ˜† nawiwindang tuloy ako. i have the feeling that’s it’s not meant to be. why does it always have to be like this? it’s there already but there’s always some hindrances on the way. i don’t know… i’m still confused…

on the other hand, i talked to my bestfriend last saturday. he’s doing fine (i guess). totally moved on na ang life nya. fair enough for me to really let go. i guess he’s happy now. i can see it in his eyes. and by the way he talked about his girl 😦 not against it actually, but thinking about it make me feel guilty. again, i don’t know… haay!