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My goodness! Check out what I got from ateLitzie’s site. It’s so funny!

The Proud Parents


“Little Oweini” – not bad huh?

Her eyes and nose from Papa and lips, chin and hair from Mama.

 Check to make your own Babies 😆


Who would ever believe that someone will steal phones inside a close cabinet? Yesterday morning when I came to the kiosk my supervisor told me to count the units inside one of our cabinets. Motorola and Sony Ericsson units are inside. When I made an inventory, I found out that there are 2 missing mobiles. My Goodness! I informed him immediately with the said lost phones and I called the attention of the security in charge to ask who was the duty officer the night before. Lots of questions was asked like “are you sure you left the cabinets closed and locked up?” — it’s an SOP for all staff to double check the locks before leaving the kiosk at night, otherwise any lost items will be accountable to the staff. We’re very much particular with the locks because we all try to avoid discrepancies with our stocks.

Informing the police by this time will be of help, but one of our managers suggest to forward the complain to the admin office of the Mall first.

Sweety and I was talking about it last night. We could have informed the police so that they can trace the IMEI’s of the phone so as to detect their locations. I wish it’s that easy 😦 If it’s possible, then I hope they can catch whoever stole the units and be punished — bitter 😆

So as I was saying, right after I call my parents I decided to cook the food for lunch. It’s almost 11 and the party will start by 10pm since all our shops closes by that time. I feel like I want to cry inside myself because I know part of me feels lonely — why? Simply because my parents are not with me to celebrate the most special day of my life 😦 but then I have to face life’s challenges alone since I made this decision alone… “On My Own” tagline ito…


Most of the people from the simple get together utter these words for us. We’re so happy even if the party’s such a short notice, at least I know that somehow we were able to make everyone feel welcome.

I like to share some stories more but I feel like it’s too late to tell since it happened a month ago already. I guess what matters most is that I’m happy now — and sharing this new life with a new person makes myself feel proud to say

Salamualaykum… I’m Maryam Oweini – the wife of the most fabulous man in the world, Abed.

Wait lang…

So there we were, waiting for the judge to arrive. Mohd was joking by saying “Mary, you still have time huh. If you want to stop just say NO…” hehe! 😆 my Goodness gracious! Everything flashback on me. I started thinking about my family, my single life, my “OUR” dreams… HOW? All of the questions on my head and not even a single answer I can say to each of it. Back to reality, Abed called us and that there’s this one police guy. My goodness! I thought they will put us to jail na… hehe! But he’s there to guide us the way pala 😆 When we came in the room, there was I think 2 guys talking to the judge. Me and ate Heyam sitted at the left side of the room while the guys sitted at the right side of the judge’s table. He then started to ask questions – of course we weren’t able to understand a single of it since he was talking in Arabic – my goodnes! He started to ask questions first to kuya Iqbal. He let Mohammad (one of our witnesses) to translate it in English. Gulp! I was teasing ate Heyam about her saying “I do…” hehe! After their vows, the judge talked to Abed and I was told to sit near them while Abed was infront of the judge. I knew that time that he was saying something about churva churva but since I can’t understand it, I was just laughing inside myself. Mohammad was standing beside me. He then ask me,

Mohammad: “Mary, do you accept to marry Abed?”

Me: “Yes…”

Mohammad: “Without any conditions?”

Me: “No…”

My goodness! The judge then called me to go infront and sign after Abed signed the contract. Gulp! That’s it? Finish? In a matter of 5minutes, I came out of the room as Mrs. Maryam Lobitana-Oweini. 😉

 “Mom, I’m married…”

ast 1030am if I’m not mistaken, we arrived home safely. Abed called her Mom in Syria to spread the good news. He let me talked to her mom. When Abed gave the phone to me she said,

Mama: “Hi Habibti… behebek…” (crying out loud!)

Mama was crying on the other line so badly that all I can say is “…love you too Mom, please don’t cry?” – then I gave the phone to Abed since I can’t understand a word she’s saying. My goodness! 😆

On my side naman, I called my parents to say about the good news – I don’t know if there is really no signal in our flat or my Mom’s just bingi kasi she keeps on saying “ano?” grrreeerrr! I just dropped the call because I’m wasting lang credits. hehe! (kuripot itey!)

…to be continued – again?! Promise last part na… hehe! 😆

It’s been quite a while… where was I?

Hi people! Hi world! I’m back… but not totally back like before. It’s been 2mos since my last post. Sobrang busy ng aking maliit ng mundo. And the first on the list is that I don’t have my internet anymore reason why I can’t update my blog as much as I wanted to 😦 but somehow, whenever Sweety take me to his shop, got the chance to update my friendster… syempre kalimutan na ang lahat wag lang ang friendster acct 😀

Anyway, first of all – yes, I just got married! And it’s been a month of marital bliss. Parang totoo ha? hehe! for the whole month of April, all we did was to complete to the requirements needed in the court and to look for a flat since me and the Sis Heyam w/ her hubby will move out. Everything went into place. I guess it’s meant to be. Imagine out of no where, the four of us was complete and kuya Iqbal asked us to check the flat. This was the first time since we started to look for a place that the four of us was complete. I guess (again) it was meant to be. So I’ll start off my journey with the House.

There’s no place like Home!

So we checked the place and it’s so cool! Fully furnished na siya. Though we need to buy some kitchen wares but the fridge and the stove is there + microwave (san ka pa? ;)) ate Heyam was kidding “Oh… let’s move in here tomorrow…” – so we reserved the place and we’re still deciding if we’ll go in or not since there are other offers (much cheaper) but the place is too far from where we’re all working + the neighborhood is not that safe unlike where we’re living at now. So yes, we moved in last April 16th – 4days before our wedding day.

Last panic buying…

Okay, the house is okay. The papers are ready… and at the same time the reception place and the food are all arranged — last thing we found out was “what to wear on the big day?” sheesh! The guys have their suit ready while the brides are totally nothing to wear. Well, this is a good sign… hehe! 😀 So me and ate Heyam went out early in the morning a day befor the big day to buy clothes. Here in Qatar, if you want to wear something cute and simple, you have to pay big — sheesh! Thanks God there’s this one place where I only spent 175 QR – from head to toe. Same with ate Heyam. My goodness! The hard part of it was we are the one whose looking for the same colors the guys’ suite have. Grrrr! Isn’t it that they should be the one to follow our color? Getting married is weird ha? Totally weird! hehe! But we’re happy with our clothes, and the guests said that we both look gorgeous…


April 19th 2007 – Abed woke me up around 830am and told me to get ready. He said that Iqbal will be arriving with Mohammad and Ghassan (our witnesses) by 900am to go to the court. Imagine the Suzuki car of kuya Iqbal? 3 in the front, 4 at the back. We look like sardines… haha! 😆 When we were at the court, my stomach have this krokrokro thing inside. I don’t know if because I’m nervous or I’m excited or I’m totally freakin’ out. For the last time, I want to say “Wait lang…” hehe!

… to be continued