Monthly Archives: August 2007

The other day Sweety and I went to Syrian Embassy to get my long awaited visa. I stayed inside the taxi praying that hope everything was approved. In less than 10mins, Sweety went out of the Embassy holding out my passport. But his face was a little bit upset – yun pala dahil sa araw 😀 He was reading some parts of the VISA pala 😆 I was scared because I was thinking that they will be needing a letter again from our sponsor saying that it’s okay for me to get a VISIT VISA to Syria. Our plan to get a Lebanese visa failed – unfortunately! We spoke to my father-in-law and said to get the visa once we get to Syria instead. Just make sure to bring all our legal documents.

Enough of the frustrating feelings – much is ahead of us anyway! 🙂

Anyway, just spoke to my mother-in-law again and she anxious to see me. I told her not to expect too much from me 😆 Yani, don’t think that her daughter-in-law’s tall, sex body, long straight hair, pouting lips (like Angelina Jollie – Jolly – Jollibee? whatever!). She just laughed so much and said that I’m like a jewel that’s precious to her 😦 It makes my heart pound so much. Iba pala yung feeling na makikita mo na yung in-laws mo! I really don’t know what to feel really. Part of me is sad, other part of me is happy *sigh!

Help?! Advice here!!!


Last Monday, Sweety insisted to bring my laptop to the computer shop for RAM upgrades. My current RAM was 512 already but he insisted to upgrade it to 1GB. My Golly! I never have time to use my laptop since we moved in to our new flat. Aside from no internet connection, I find myself hard to create LO’s also. Why? because I simply can’t find an inspiration to do one + once I got in the house, I go straight in the kitchen to cook. Feeling chef itey! hehe! 😀

So in other words, much faster ang laptop ko now. But I do hope I’ll have time to do more LO’s.

On the other side of my life, aside from being busy thinking what will happen after 15 days – I’m planning to buy a new digicam. I don’t know why, but I’m beginning to love taking pictures. I’m planning to buy (Insha-Allah) a new cam. Asked teLitzie about it already, and I think I’ll go for Nikon 50 – by demand. I’m checking the prices right now. It’s a little bit expensive, but I know I’ll get benefits from it naman and that my money will not be wasted. Sweety doesn’t agree about the plan, but I know how to make him say yes 😉 hehe!

14 DAYS!

It’s been quite a while… I’ve been wondering around the house thinking what I will do once we enter Damascus. The first thing Sweety told me was to kiss the hands of his parents, of course like what all daughter-in-laws do. My goodness! I’m freaking out as in! I can’t imagine myself facing them.

I had a dream these past few weeks, but in my dream it’s totally different. It’s the other way around. We’re in the Philippines – my home country. Sweety was shocked to see our house – the OLD typical house and the food my parents where preparing was one of the food we’re not allowed to eat… haha! Pathetic and at the same time – ironic! I suddenly woke up because I feel like the “P” was inside me na… haha! Getting paranoid out of nowhere. Don’t know if this is the symptoms of expecting something in the future. Haaay!

Sweety and I started though to think of pasalubongs. I decided to buy the first time that comes in my mind. Whether they will like it or not doesn’t really matter anymore. Like what they say “it’s the thought that counts…” naks!

On diggiscrapping naman, well finally! Had the chance to create one LO. Still waiting for teLitzie’s gift… charot! If you’re reading ate, sana matupd na ang wish ko… hehe! 😉 wink!

Nope… not for me… for a dear friend of mine Sis Michelle “Heyam” 🙂

 The other day, I woke up by her text message saying that she took a pregnancy test that morning and the result was positive. I got out of bed with my heart pumping! I immediately called her to congratulate her and to tell her that I’m so happy and excited for the good news.

“Mommy Heyam, I’m coming out after 9mos!”


Just last month, I took the test because I thought I was pregnant — but unfortunately it’s a false alarm. I had spottings for a week kasi that’s why I took the test.

Ganun pala yung feeling na nadepress ka all of a sudden kasi you know that you’re not yet a Mommy noh? Pero anyway, I guess it’s not yet the right time for our gift 🙂

Congratulations ulit ate Heyam! This post is for you… love you!