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It’s been quite a while. Due to slow access to internet, as much as I wanted to update my blog – I can’t. Days here in Syria is so fast. Imagine a few more days we’ll be back in Qatar. I’ll miss this place especially my 2nd family who has been so kind to me all thru out my stay here. My in-laws are so kind and they make sure if I’m okay or not. Even the grand parents of my husband likes me that everytime we visit them in their house, she keeps on saying “Behabek katir habibti…” meaning “Iloveyou so much my baby…” — All of them also are looking forward for Little Oweini. They gave names already for our future baby. If it’s a boy it will be named after Papa w/c is HESHAM and if it’s a girl, it will be JUDY — my mother-in-law likes Judy but I’m not sure of that name. It sounds so short kasi, hehe! I was kinda thinking of FARAH meaning HAPPINESS. Anyway, the boy’s name is sure but for the girl I think I need a lot of thinking first before to approve that… hehe!

I’ve wanted to post pictures also but since they are using dial-up connection, I’d rather wait till I get back in Qatar to do the things I want to do ๐Ÿ™‚

For now, just want to know you guys that I’m still here… alive! and my Meet the Parents Adventure was a success!


So hot! Grabe! Today we went out shopping in the souq. Was looking for clothes but apparently, I was kinda depress kasi I thought the clothes here will be different. Kinda expecting the clothes in Divisoria and 168. hehe! But the clothes here are the same in QA. Wasn’t able to buy jeans since most of them – actually all of them have beads on it. My gosh abelgass! So to be different, I decided to buy a pair of skirt and jacket to wear on winter. I asked Mama to buy me 3 hijjabs also.

After a fabulous (again – mashaAllah) lunch, I felt sleepy. for 2 hours my energy was regained. Everybody’s getting ready to go out again since another Uncle of Abed came from Germany and said to visit and see him while we’re here.

When we arrived from his uncle’s place, I saw Sitti (GRANDMOTHER in Arabic) of Abed (Mother of Papa Hesham) and asked for blessings. She told me that she missed me since the last time she saw me was last Sunday. I thank her for inviting us over also.

Abed’s uncle was teasing him by saying that he met lots of beautiful girls in Germany. Since he’s a muslim he can marry another one, but good thing Tete was there to object w/ it. She swearly said to Abed not to marry again since she likes me a lot for his grandson — owwsss! How sweet of Sitti. Patay si Abed pag nagpakasal siya ulit… hehe!

After the visit, we went to eat along the Qasyoon or other known as Muhajjirin (yani People who came from other countries for a visit). It was at the foot of the mountain. The view was great and there were lots of people along the road having a night picnic. We ate Falafel – one then famous food in the gulf. After a long day, we went back home to have a good night sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” – a phrase were my teacher in school always say to remind us to always brush our teeth. We went out tonight to have our teeth checked.

Not to much agenda for today. We stayed in the house and we left around 9pmย  to see the dentist.

All day, the family was playing with Yara and Yazan since they stayed there to be with their Khallo Abed. Took pictures for both of them to be treasured forever.

Great thing about this day is that Rana taught me how to dance the Arabic way. My goodness! She dances fabulously and so graceful. Walla! She amazed me so much that I said to myself “San ka pa Jheng?” hehe! In time, Insha-Allah I can dance gracefully like her.

Good Morning Syria! It’s my 3rd day here and I’ve been so blessed to wake up with hubby by my side and apprently this is the 2nd night I haven’t sleep well. So far, I’m still looking for our bed back home (QA) and aside from that, it’s so hot at night. Parang Pinas din ang panahon dito. Grabe! That’s why in the afternoon when we left the AC guys came to install one in our room (master bedroom) w/c Mama doesn’t agree since she don’t need the AC that much. But hubby insist since it’s really so hot and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep well upto our very last day… hehe!

Anyway, our plan for today was to go to the Optalmologist to have an eye-check. It went well… Honestly speaking, I wasn’t able to understand what the doctor was saying although he’s speaking English very well, but since it’s all medical terms – labas dito labas dun ang ginawa ko… hehe! All that matters for me is to have new eyeglassess that will make me feel okay and so to stop drinking EXTRA PANADOL for more than thrice a week as if it’s my vitamins. hehe!

We went back home after that…

Let me just make this as an opinion ha, the drivers here in Syria are all so weird! They all have their own lanes – grabe! Tapos ang mga tao hala nasa gitna ng daan. Nagugulat nalang ako’t may tatawid bigla tapos yung iba may dalang bisikleta. I said to Abed, that in the Philippines no one’s allowed in the road except the cars. I feel proud still of my own country. Kahit na taghirap tayo may disiplina naman sa daan. In fairness to the head of MMDA (w/c unfortunately I forgot the name, hehe!). I salute you for a job well done! I’m starting to think that Syria was like Philippines 10years ago. So delayed! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to forget, the uniform of the police here are brown – parang Pinas talaga noon… hehe!

Another thing I noticed while going home is that all establishments have pictures of their President w/c is all so weird tome since in the Philippines I only see GMA’s picture if you’re working in a government office or sometimes a police station – hehe! Hubby told me that people here are forced to display pictures of the President to tell Americans that people here love their president so much that they don’t need a single help from them. You know that’s true. Here in Syria, you will not see anything MADE IN USA. Iba talaga! May sarili silang paninindigan – yun nga lang delayed parin. Government is not corrupt said Abed, it’s just that the government is more on supporting the Army rather than providing and making their country looks better.

When we got home, there’s no lights! My goodness! Uso rin pala dito ang black-out! hehe! Mama said that everyday as in everyday the government turn off all the lights in order to balance the Power of the country otherwise there will be a power failure. Over popullated kasi ang Syria so they turn off the powerย  for about an hour or 2. Oh diba? Only here in Syria!

I slept for about 30mins and then hubby woke me up to say that we’re going outย  – again!

This time he didn’t say where…

We arrived in a place where 3 JEWELRY Shops are aligned… that’s the time I know what Abed’s planning to do.

As a traditions in Islam, the groom should buy gold for his bride as dowry. But when we got married in QA I didn’t asked for anything and no conditions at all. I told Sweety not to buy anymore since I know it’s expensive but he said that it’s his duty to buy me gifts.

The store was so crowded that I think there were 6 to 7 people inside plus the sales man 3 – more than 10 and all of them are curious to know why I’m there. They were all looking at me since there were 3 sets of gold infront of me and that Mama was beside me asking me to choose w/c one I like. I feel ashame on the other hand. They might think that I’m after the gold since I’m a foreign in their land. But on the other hand, I feel so proud that time… “hating me won’t make you pretty…” sabi nga nila… hehe!

When we get into the car to go home after choosing the gold sets, I cried in the car. Abed utter these phrase that made me cry more and burst into tears on the way home: “Stop thinking how expensive it is, you deserve it… just LOVE me..”

After eating a fabulous lunch with the family, Sweety told me to get dressed because after a few minutes we will go to the doctor (OB) to have check-up. Alhamdulillah everything is normal and the doctor said that the time to have babies is possible, but I have to take some medicines to make my hormones always okay. We’re not planning to have Little Oweini in the world right now, but it’s much better to know if both of us is normal. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be taking the medicines for 1year – continuously and insha-Allah we’re hoping that everything will be okay.

After going to the doctor, we went back home to pick up Ahmad (bro-in-law) and Riri (sis-in-law) to visit Mama’s brother who just went out from the hospital for an operation.ย  I immedietly felt that I was really inside another house since the girls are different from the boys… hehe! Mama asked me to come with her on the room while Abbod and Ahmad went direct to his uncle.

Felt a little bit “OP” since I can’t barely understand a single word they are saying, but somehow Mama and Riri made me feel okay by saying “We’re talking about you that you’re very wonderful and beautiful…” — owwsss! shy-shyness ang beauty ko — I replied by saying “Mama… little only…” — hehe! and she laughed so much.

It’s really weird because all of them are so kind to me. Just by smiling, they find me so demure na. What more kung mas maganda ako ngayon… hehe! It’s my 2nd day in Syria and everybody is so good to me. They make me feel very comfortable. One thing I hate about it is that they -all, don’t allow me to help them in the kitchen. They keep on saying “No No… go rest…” — my goodness!ย  But what I do is to just keep ondoing what I want to do even if they keep on stoping me… hehe!

After visiting Abbod’s uncle, we went to Rana’s place (2nd sister of Abbod). Yara and Yazan was so excited to see their Khallo (UNCLE inย  Arabic) that they kept on running around him asking him to carry them both and play with them. I took videos of them – visit my multiply account to see it.

ย img_0935.jpgย img_0936.jpg

Yara and Yazan just stares at the camera ๐Ÿ™‚


Just fooling around with Yara


Havin’ a spoiled time with Uncle Abbod

Since Rana’s place are at the foot of the mountain, Abed decided to went up to the Hill to see Damascus at night. It’s like Antipolo – Arabic way… hehe! The view was fabulous and the air was so cool. Feeling ko tuloy nasa Bagiuo ako, hehe!

ย img_0959.jpg

Damascus @ night

It’s been a long day so we went home after that.

By the way, everytime we visit they keep on givin us Turkish Coffee… w/c apparently I don’t like much since it’s too dark and so like as if I will not be able to sleep all week… hehe! So what Mama did is she asked Abbod to buy me Nescafe and Coffee-mate to make me feel okay… Thanks Mama! Love you w/ all my heart!

Tomorrow, Insha-Allah we’ll go our Optalmologist to check our eyes. Baka kasi sakaling lumiwanag an paningin ko’t makalimutan ko si Abbod eh… hehe! joke only ๐Ÿ™‚

September 1 from Doha:

We went to Doha Int’l Airport yesterday morning around 6am because hubby is decided to check in the baggage early so that we’ll just go there again to check-in when the plane is about to leave. Everything went well because all our baggage was not that heavy. For the 2bags, it was around 39kg only. The allowed weight said Sweety is around 32kg/passenger. Good thing I didn’t pack all my things… hehe!

Everything went well except when the guard took my knipper ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sniff! I forgot that I put it inside my hand-carry, hehe! I’ll buy a new one nalang.

When we’re inside the plane, I said to myself “this is it! what I’m doing to myself… I never never planned to go anywhere out from Doha…” — anyway, everything was there already… we were stable on the plane already and knowing me, I took zillions of photos inside the plane – and that started off even when we’re still in the waiting area. hehe! Photos are my treasured memories ๐Ÿ™‚

September 1 in Damascus:

When we arrived in the Aiport, the first time I did was to text my love ones back home to tell them: “the little girl just arrived in Damascus Int’l Airport” — gulp!

Ate Jeejee then started to call me. I told her, I’m here already!!! My goodness it’s like Ninoy Int’l Airport. Katulad din pala ng Pinas ang Syria. Pero maliit lang ang Airport nila. Luma narin yung facilities nila – unfortunately. I was kinda expecting that the immigration will be a little bit strict — as expected. I immedietly felt the discrimination. I was asked why I was here… haller! and they keep on asking if I’m a filipina. My goodness! As if no one is allowed to go in their country. You know naman the ang tingin nila sa mga pinay abroad… haay! So I said to the guy that I’m with my husband. So I called Abed. So enough of that immigration thing. Nabwibwisit lang ako pag naiisip ko yun eh. hmph!

When we took our baggage already, Abbod said that his family was behind that wall. I told him — wait lang! I’m not yet ready — oh really? ngayon pa eh nandun na kami sa airport… hehe!

“Abbed!!!!” — my goodness! Nagulat ako! As in! Isang batalyon ang sumundo sa amin. Si mama Kawkab ang una kong nakita. She shouted my name “Habibti… (my love) Maryam… Welcome!” – she gave me flower and she kissed me so hard that I thought I lost my cheeks na… hehe! All of the people where looking at us. Iniisip nila siguro — artista ba sya? hehe! Jennelyn just arrived ehem! Kidding aside. All of them started to introduce each one. “HI MARY, I’M RANA…” — “HI MARY, I’M REHAM…” — “HI MARY, I’M AHMAD…”ย  and the rest is history. I will never forget that moment. I feel so welcome… Thank you Oweini Family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mama never left my side when we’re in the airport going to the car.ย  She keeps on kissing me and saying “I MISSED YOU HABIBTI…” — All I can say was THANK YOU SO MUCH!

September 1 @ my In-laws House:

We arrived safely at exactly 430pm at the house. It was so cozy and full of love inside. Mama introduced me to Jeddo – grandfather of Abed (the father of Papa). The parents of Papa was there and the Mama of Mama was there too. We failed to take pictures for all that time since we were a little bit tired and the last thing on my head was drink water… hehe!

After eating lunch (late lunch), we all sat together at the living room. All of them can’t stop kissing me, especially Mama… my goodness! hehe! All she did was to keep on kissing me… hehe!

All my life, I never imagined that I will be eating lunch with others… Others who happened to be my 2nd family. Of course yung food na handa eh kubus and kabab, hehe! I’ll try my best to eat oriental food. hehe!

For now, yun lang muna… more adventures once we go out of the house. Medyo nagtatalo nga yung kapatid ni Abbed kasi gusto nila the next day w/c is today eh pumunta kami sa house nila (Yara’s parents). Eh sabi ni Mama, we’ll take a rest for today and next day nalang daw. Can’t wait to go out and take pictures of all.



As of this time, I’m in the airport for my Meet the Parents Adventure! I’ll see you guys after a month. I’ll try to logon the internet as much as I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just hope internet cards in Syria will not be that expensive. I’ll try to post picture also.

Can’t wait to see hubby’s family… Wish me all the luck… ๐Ÿ™‚