Monthly Archives: October 2007

To start of, I’m still alive. Still don’t have access to the net, but every now and then whenever hubby and I visit our friends I get the chance to check my friendster account first of all and I was able to upload – finally, my pictures from our Syria vacation. So friends, if you have time you can visit my multiply site anytime – will be very happy if you leave a message.

So what’s up with me these past few weeks… well aside from going to work and then back home, I’ve been very very depressed with our PESO vs DOLLAR exchange rate. I feel like I don’t want to spend anything anymore thinking that 1 QR = 11 PESO. Sheesh!!! Now I know the feeling of being a true OFW. Sweety said that it’s good for our economy because that means that our president is doing a good job – but the question is, is it really a good cause or more corruption behind it? I mean, it’s okay if the PESO now is getting low but I wish that expenses like groceries, LPG and stuff are getting low as well – but it’s like the other way around. My parents sent me a message to tell them that LPG now is double the price the last time I left Philippines. It’s much worst! I don’t have much choice but to hope and pray that it’ll not be as low as 10 – my God! I don’t know what I’ll do by that time…

On the other side of my life naman, I’m still communicating with my in-laws thru missed calls. Oh how I wish I could see them next year, but we’re planning to go home to Philippines by then. I hope no bombing or what so ever will happen so that Sweety can enjoy his vacation.

Any updates for the Little Hesham? Well, we’re totally not ready for it actually – I’ll leave my answers hanging for now – naks! as if meron… haha!

I’ve been visiting a lot of blogs lately, well bloggers keep it up! I’m trying to update my site in blogspot as well. Getting bored I guess with wordpress, joke! I just miss my chatbox that’s why… oh how I wish wordpress can create a chat box also.