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Yahoo Yahoo! Marunong na akong mag-fruit salad! 😆

Yun lang po… hehehe!


CURRENT MOOD: Pressured!

All the people around me is asking if I’m on the way… but I’m not. I love and so so adore babies but I guess we’re not yet ready for it.

My first nephew came when I was 7 years old. That means I started to take care of babies around that age. I love babies so much but whenever I’m thinking to have my own, I feel like I’m not totally ready for it. Emotionally & financially not prepared, haha!

Whenever I’m at work, I see many kids and babies with their nanny then I start to day dream how nice it will feel if you go home from work and then you’ll see your little ones smiling at you — owww! Then he/she will grow up to study — yikes! This is the problem, that’s why whenever I feel like having one I then start to back-out.

Haay buhay makulay! My in-laws wants to see their grandchild already and not to forget my parents. My c0-workers said that I should have one na, but me and hubby’s planning to have our Little Hesham next year – insha Allah (God willing). Gusto ko kasi dumating na ang little one namin once I’m out of my current job now. Gusto ko kasi stable na ako so that I can buy all the things he/she needs. I want to give my 101% attention to my baby… haay!