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This year we had so much fun for our Xmas 2007. Last year there wasn’t even a host, this year we were able to prepare games and thanks God Ronald was available to host the party.

The food though was not enough for all; I guess our company’s getting bigger na rin. But never the less we’re all happy and we had so much fun. Diana’s in charge with the playoffs. Everybody contributed to give gifts and guess what? All flats all set a dance number. No excuses! Buti nalang live out na kami ni ate Heyam (preggy at 6mos) otherwise pati kami makikisayaw! Hahaha! J ang cute cute ng mga dance presentation nila that my Canon cam run out of memory – was forced to delete some files tuloy. Yours truly became “the” official photographer and videographer tuloy! Bad trip! Most of the pictures eh out ako. Hmmph! Di bale, I like to do that naman because somehow I can practice my wannabe-photographer. 

Enough of the kwentos, I’ll leave you with oodles of pictures. Picture says a thousand words as they say 😉

This was us last year 2006. I was looking for a good shot but can’t seem to find out kasi lahat busy kakakanta ng PINOY AKO last year eh, hahaha! See me with me long hair? Ate Heyam and I were still single that time, haay! Time flies so fast. Now we’re both married na and in 3mos now, she’ll be a mommy too.

The girls of Starlink: Diana, ate Verna, ate Heyam, Me, ate Carol and Joy

Christmas with our little xmas tree

The boys: Eric, Abed, kuya Joms, kuya Gio, kuya Gelo, Fadi, kuya Ruel and Ronald.

Me and kuya Jomar was choosen to play PINOY HENYO, and syempre we got the word and won!

My MOMMY for this year, ate Felly and thanks for the gifts! Another set of perfume and a small pillow. The pillow’s with Angel already and of course, sweety’s in contrast with the idea. He said that soon we’ll have blankets inside the car and we’ll sleep in it, hahaha! Eh gusto ko kasi all the people who will ride Angel will feel cozy, right? 😉

And my BABY for this year is Ronald – the host/singer of our party

Lastly, hubby will not be left behind with his crazy friend Wael who exchange gifts with this bottle of soft drinks.

More pictures at multiply site. 

Hope you all had a cheerful Christmas like us!


Tonight, hubby surprised me with these 3 beautiful roses for the Eid. I was talking to him over the phone from the shop when he suddenly said the magic 3 words “I Love You” w/o no reasons. Actually, I felt weird during that moment. He seldom say this to me (really!) and yes he’s not that romantic type of hubby. Sometimes we even fight about this topic. But of course, I should understand him being a man of his own words. He still wants to keep his image tough and serious in front of others. 

When we picked them up, I saw him holding these roses. Tatay Abdullah ask me “What is in Abed’s hands?”, I barely can’t see because you all know naman that I’m blind during night. I told him “I don’t know…”, so when he opened the door I smiled already. He gave me the roses bunch with orange cloth (don’t know why orange, pwede naming red my goodness!) then he said “Happy Eid Sweety…” and then he kissed me on my forehead —- oowwwww! How sweet it is to be loved by him J

My friend came from his week vacation from Syria (oh how I miss Syria!) and he gave me 3 expansion packs of the famous PC game, THE SIMS. Weeew! Thanks my boss! Can’t wait to load it up and play with it ever! I’m so addict with playing this game. Sweety sometimes get upset with me coz every time I play it seems like I fail to remember everything! 😆

“LOBITANA-OWEINI Family” this is my family’s name. Characters Maryam and Abed gave birth to baby Girl recently which I named Myiesha – meaning life’s blessings. She’s a toddler now. Maryam’s been working very hard before she got married to Abed so now she’s a SUPER HERO. Imagine a job title like this? It only happens with SIMS, hahaha! 😆 Abed on the other hand needs to increase his skills especially with cleaning and mechanical. I can’t find him a work unless he’s fully skilled. 

I taught a colleague of mine to have fun with this game, and now she’s buff like me. Too bad SIMS is not compatible with MAC otherwise I’ll let another one be fan of it too 😆

A friend of mine who came home from his vacation in Syria came back with a great gift for me. He bought all the seasons of FRIENDS for me to watch. Seasons 1-10! My goodness! That’s why I decided to make each blog entry title THE ONE WITH The chenes churva. Cool noh? J Have a prosperous New Year everyone!

I decided to take a shoot of the perfumes that me and sweety have right now. I can’t think of any thing to shoot out so I decided to take this.

  • FENDI – hubby’s perfume (a gift from my loving in-laws for our wedding)
  • D&G LIGHT BLUE – a gift from a customer of mine for the Eid
  • BURBERRY BRIT & NINA RICCI (the one with the red apple bottle) – a gift for my 27th bday from another customer of mine who became our close friend Sir David Hutchison – wish you can read this Sir, Thanks so much!
  • ISSEY MIYAKE – hubby’s bday gift for me last year.

Notice that hubby have 1 perfume only? That’s because he don’t like any perfumes at all. There’s this one time I told him that I will buy a perfume for him but he decline by saying “no other perfume for me aside from FENDI…” taray ng lolo mo! Hahaha! 

Till next photo-a-day entry! Ciao!

I decided to make a very memorable entry to our dearest Angel. That’s why for my photo-a-day segment, I will post our ever loving Angel –w/c I just found out that she’s a she pala not a boy as we originally planned. Sweety’s so addict with her that everytime I woke up I found him going down our flat to check Angel in the parking lot. Well, I can’t blame him for being so because I was like that when I had my new phone and camera. Lahat naman ata tayo ganun pag may bago eh, hehehe! 😆 

“Our Angel” This was taken along the Corniche. 

Happy Eid to everyone! 

Me and hubby woke up today with a great smile on our faces because we know that we have all the day to celebrate Eid Adha and to be with our friends at work. After a year of working, this became a special day to all of us since we’re all off from work. Thanks God Mr.Slim allowed us to do so.

The rest of the gang was at the beach when we came since we woke up so late already. I don’t have plans to go swimming anyway because of the cold weather, so I suggest coming over the beach late instead. Good thing I was able to take some photos. These are all the girls of Starlink. Ate felly and Joy’s not here though… sayang! Di bale, next Eid ulit.

The view was nice so I might as well practice my photography wannabe again with of course sweety as the subject. Behind are the buildings along the Corniche. Hi-Rise Towers of Doha.


Syempre di ata papahuli ang inyong lingkod. Ehem! Your’s truly!

After a long day at the beach, we all decided to go home and continue with our sleep… zzzzzzzzzzz!

That’s all for today! Till next Eid! Kulam-wa-antom-Bakher!