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Time for the exciting QOTW of Ms Yen.  Ehem! I have to congratulate myself since it didn’t took me 3 days to answer it, hehehe! 😆

1.What is your middle name? MALASAGA when I was still single, now it’s LOBITANA.
2. Favorite new fashion trend? Hmmm… hard question Ms Yen… let me think… I guess… anything basta I’ll feel comfortable.
3. Did you play with Barbies as a child? Everybody love Barbie & Ken. I had one, too bad I don’t have Ken – “Come on Barbie let’s go party…”
4. Ever call in “fake” sick to work? Done it numerous times!
5. What was the last concert you attended? “BSB Never Gone Tour” in Araneta last 20th of January 2006. That was my first and last major concert ever seen – I was with someone special and so close to my heart, my ever and only BestFriend.
6. What do you needlessly obsess over? Watching Season 1-10 of the old time famous FRIENDS.
7. Who was the last person you called? The fat boy – Sweety!
8. What is the weather like outside? The air is somehow cool.
9. Laptop or Desktop? Laptop, hehehe! 😀
10. What’s for dinner tonight? Cooked TINOLANG MANOK – this was supposedly for tomorrow coz I want to wake up late but unfortunately I craved sipping the soup of it, so I ended up eating it. Hahaha! I prepared simple Pasta with melted cheese for hubby {by demand}.


The other night, me and hubby was just watching the 80TH OSCAR AWARDS live on Dubai One. A few days after, I got an astonishing award from Ms Alpha. Thanks so much po! And yes, I feel like I’m a golden winner narin. Hehehe!


Passing these FANTASTIC BLOGGER AWARD to all my blog mentors: Ms Litzie, Ms Yen and Ms My 🙂 Thanks so much Ms Alpha again! Sa uulitin po 😀

Today is Monday – off from work. Finally! I and the fat boy just arrived home. Yup, I know it’s too late. I’m writing this as of 3:15am. Hubby has this routine that every Sunday we’ll go to our company’s lodging for him to have a little GUY thing with his buddies. They have this plan that they’ll go out to play “the” ever the famous COUNTER STRIKE.

While me on the other hand, have a movie marathon yet again with ate Ana. Kala nyo kayo lang? kami rin may GIRL thing! Iyakan blues nga lang… hahaha! 😆 Right ate Ana? While on the way, I ordered Kare-kare for take out. I waited inside the car while hubby picked it up for me. I noticed this pick-up beside us and saw this cute little baby smiling back at me. I was making faces and she’s smiling back too. Coincidently, before leaving our flat I brought Niknok with me for no reasons. Probably God wants me to share this treasured moment that’s why he let me bring my cam. Luck was on my side tonight, after taking a one shot of the baby, Niknok run out of battery. I have this priceless smile of a baby looking back at me. See her cute little eyes? Aaawwww! So innocent… So loving… So precious!

Talking about movies ate Ana and I so far had seen the following:

  • A LOVE STORY – I cried so much in this movie. Me on the side of Maricel as a mistress {FAVORITE LINE: “Ayoko ng maging papuno sa kulang…” while hugging fafa Aga}, while ate Ana is on the side of Angelica as the real wife {FAVORITE LINE: “Kahit kailan di ko nagawang lokohin ang asawa ko dahil mahal ko siya…” while talking to Maricel} Oh diba? Pang-famas!
  • HIDE & SEEK – where I wanted to kill myself coz it’s so corny!
  • INAY YAYA – where every single scene, I felt my heart breaking into pieces. My eyes was flowing with tears!
  • Lastly, PASUKOB – wasn’t able to finish the movie, but I had so much fun coz of laughing. Ai-ai and Ruffa’s {next to Ethel Booba} are two of my favorite comedians.

After seeing these movies, I felt so homesick! I sent a message to my parents just now to tell them how much I miss them. Looking forward for our holiday by 3rd quarter of this year, insha-Allah!

Weew! I have another bloggy award from Ms Yen. She posted this a few days ago pa, but I just had the time now to post it. Thank so much Ms Yen. Aside from answering her QOTW and getting a lot of praises from her and the real score is she love my blog, hehehe! 😀 Thanks so so much po.

Like to pass on this award to the people who I look up to. Next to Ms Yen, I visit their site everyday! – Ms My, Ms Litzie, Ms Alpha and Ms Cynch.

The 2nd is for Aa {aka Mrs Dizon, hahaha! Just teasing you Sis}, kikay Anjella and to Melody. 

It’s time for Ms Yen’s QOTW. Looking forward for every Wednesday – just coz I love answering these random questions, hihihi! 😀

1. Can you write with both hands? My goodness! Nope! {Ms Yen, bilib ako sayo ha!}
2. Are you superstitious? Sometimes, I guess… it freaks me out really! 😀
3. What would be your dream job? Way back HS days, I’ve always dreamed of being a flight attendant. No kidding! I started flying in and out of the country at the age of 7. My mind was set to take Tourism – but unfortunately, fate is not on my side. Why? Because I stopped growing at the age of 15! Waaah! Kulang ako sa height! I’m only 5” feet tall – disaster! {Ms Yen, parehas tayo ng dream job! Hahaha!}
4. Do you dream often? Very often, probably because I sleep up late that I have no time to go around in my deep sleep, hehehe! 😆
5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I usually order Cookies and Cream, but same again with Ms Yen, anything will do for as long as it’s B&R 😀
6. Did you ever sneak out when you were younger? NO CHANCE! 😦
7. Have you ever fallen in public? Oh yes! Lampayatot nga tawag sa akin eh 😆
8. What is your favorite animal? I had a dog once, but he died – probably because I left 😦
9. As a child what was scarier…the closet or under the bed? Under the bed! That’s why I’m not used peeing at night coz I’m always thinking that something will hold my feet… hahaha! Crazy me! 😆
10. Have you ever got your tongue stuck on a Popsicle? Nope 😀

Yes! I finally made my first scrap (pero feeling ko mukha siyang di scrap!) for this year. I’m inspired to do one since I was thinking of someone… charot lang! I grab my cam and started shooting of Teddy and sat in front of Acer to scrap about it.

Yah I know, I need more practice. I’m so so depressed when I’m making my own scrap. Bakit pag sila na ang gumagawa parang ang dali dali lang? and the depth of each scrap super ganda ng outcome. Bakit pag ako hindi??? Waaah! 😦

Somebody please please help me?


CREDITS: Flower, Butterfly, Frame, Paper – courtesy Melanie Chynoweth ChocoberryCreme Friday Freebie; Tracy Collins FrameIt Templates

Belated, Happy Hearts Day!

I guess everyone blogged about their Valentines Day already. I’m so left behind again. Wasn’t able to go online for quite some time. So busy with work and every time I got home, aside from reading updates with my fellow blog mentors, I’m trying to convince myself with something else. Will tell you more about this story I guess in a later time.

But first, let me share you how me and my little/big fat boy {my ever dearest hubby – this will be his new pet name since he’s getting bigger as expected :lol:} The fat boy called me from his shop asking me where I want to eat dinner. Thinking that our work finishes 10 in the evening, we might as well order food to be delivered to our cozy flat. But sudden change of mind, the fat boy decided to make his own burger sandwich. Haaay! We sat down with the soon-to-be-dadi/mami {ate Heyam & Iqbal} to chat about what else, work! 😆 What’s new?

The fat boy and I, after eating went inside our room… huh? What’s next? We slept! Hahaha! Ano ba! Tanungin daw ba? 😆 naughty naughty… tsk tsk tsk!

Oh diba, how sweet ng vd namin? I was reminiscing the other day about our vd last year. We all planned to go along the famed Corniche and to ride the ferry. But we’re so unfortunate because when we arrived, the ferry went home na! hahaha! Yup, nag sara na sila. Oh diba? So we decided to eat our Shawarma and took dark pictures. Why? Ghassan bought his digi cam and again unfortunately, its low batt! Panalo! Good thing ate Heyam have her N73 w/ flash. Finally, some light on our faces 😆

After we eat, kanya kanya na. Ate Heyam and Iqbal continued to take pictures, kuya Gelo & Di continued eating {ata}, ate Ana & Lyn emo ever. The fat boy and I sat together quietly. Why? Sermon ever! I’m about to be his wife for about 1 more month, the fat boy talked about respect, understanding & trust. I just kept quiet. I never imagined that everything he planned will turn out true. Allah is great! 😀

Reminiscing ever, back to reality. Now with the photos. Here’s what the fat boy gave to his little Mom.

He got me a new Teddy! I gave him his first ever cufflinks.