The One With The Letter “I”

Tagged by Ms Yen. Thanks so much for these random questions. It makes me think tuloy, hehehe!

I AM… pregnant! Woohoo! 😀
I WANT… to just sleep the whole day. Hahaha! Obvious ba?
I HAVE… a blessed and simple life with my husband. Alhamdulillah!
I WISH… my Mom’s here with me thru these 9 months of pregnancy.
I HATE… cooking! 😦
I FEAR… heights and cockroaches!
I SEARCH… for do’s and don’ts on pregnancy – first time Mom kasi, hehe!
I WONDER… why some people are so blessed to have lots of fortune but less common sense? Getts?
I REGRET… nothing. Coz all of it is under God’s will ika nga. This is my fate.
I LOVE… you all! And I love my husband most of all.
I ALWAYS… thank God for each morning.
I AM NOT… tall – as simple as it is! Hahaha! 😆
I DANCE… during parties, but not anymore since I’m on the way. Sa susunod nalang, hahaha!
I SING… out loud, hahaha!
I CRY… everytime I feel like I can’t work out my problems. But God is good! 🙂 He never let us down 😉
I WRITE… nothing. I’m not an editor type, hahaha!
I WON… simply because I’m gifted by having a wonderful family & a gift of life is within me now 😀
I AM CONFUSED… whether to stop working or not.
I NEED… to know things how to be a good Mom and at the same time to be a good wife.
I SHOULD… be contented with what I have. Alhamdulillah!

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… “My gosh! I’m pregnant!” 😉 Sorry ha, I still can’t believe kasi that I’m really am pregnant. hehehe!

Tagging YOU! Yes you! Snag it if you want.

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  1. Te My said:

    Congratulations, Mary! Nakakainggit naman. You know, you shouldn’t be in front of the computer ng mahabang oras dahil daw sa radiation. I don’t know about this but my colleague b4 was advised not to stay in front of the computer when she got pregnant. You take care…

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