The One Who Owe Lots of Updates – Part 2

Yahoo! I’m back from hibernating, hehehe! Finally we were able to settle down in our new house and just last Monday, our DSL is connected na. Thanks to kuya Iqbal (our housemate, hehehe!) 😀


Again, though I’m not online and updated as always, every once in a while I still keep on checking blogs of my mentors. Tried to relate with their stories pero not able to read the whole blog stories of others kasi nasa work lang ako checking the net (nakaw net lang), 😆 also in my friendster account, my goodness! How I wish to check photo updates of my friends pero I can’t stay long talaga.


Well to update everyone (mahaba-habang inuman na naman itey):



·          I’m on my 16th week (4mos). Thanks God I’m not experiencing any morning sickness, though sometimes whenever I imagine something yucky, I will suddenly feel like vomiting (yucky nga eh, obvious ba? 😆 ). I’m still craving for any food with white sauce (Carbonara ever).

·          This coming June 1, we’ll visit our OB and Insha-Allah we’ll have the chance to know whether Little Oweini will be a boy or a girl 😉

·          I always feel insecure these past few weeks. Me and hubby always disagree with something nonsense naman. Feeling ko kasi pangit na ako eh, hehehe! Weirdo!

·          And lastly, my tummy is still small ever! People keep on asking me “oh really, buntis ka?” – my goodness! I don’t know if talagang maliit lang ako magbuntis or simply kasi maliit ako, hehehe! A colleague of mine is pregnant and she’s just ahead of me 1 week, and so far malaki na ang tummy nya and you really can notice that she’s pregnant, but for me totally reverse. Hmph! Darating din ang panahon, lalaki din tummy ko… wait lang kayo, hehehe!



·          Going strong ever. We’ve been married for 1 year and a month and counting. Everytime I wake up I thanks Allah for seeing him every morning beside me. We’ve been thru a lot these past months and I’m really really thankful coz he never gives up on me. He always calls me “Ms Trouble Maker”, hehehe! He’s been so supportive especially during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. Ever since I found out that we’re pregnant kasi, I very seldom cook food for him unlike before. I’m so tired of work kasi that every time I got home, all I will do is sleep nalang. He complains though pero hanggang dun lang. “I’m sorry Sweetie…” – words usually uttered during our misunderstanding is never-ending. How lucky I am to have him in my life.



·          Last 27th of April, Starlink opened up their 2nd kiosk and 7th shop here in Doha. Villagio Kiosk is up and running under of course Mohammed’s supervision. I love Villagio. There’s Carrefour, Bershka, Mango (love MNG), LV (newly opened), ALDO, Milano, Lacoste, Claire’s Accessories, Top Shop, River Island, Next, H&M, ProMod, Pre-Natal (ang mahal dito as in! The price of clothes for pregnant women are way to high huh!), Zara and more shops to buy kikay stuffs. Basta maraming shops na pwedeng pagpilian. What’s the negative thing? Sobrang layo nga lang talaga ng Villagio. One thing I hate about this mall is that every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they close at 11 o’clock pm! OMG! And every Friday, we open 1:30pm to 11am. Not used of working early on Fridays kasi all our shops open 3 or 4pm. Friday here in Middle East is like a Sunday in Philippines. What to do yani? We can’t complain to the management and tell them to open late. Carrefour kasi is already open as early as 8am so they advised all tenants to open early. Sheesh! What more during Ramadan (Fasting Month for Muslims)?

·          We have a good start though for Villagio Sales. Showtime is up and running, though mobile sold are not that high. We still have Carrefour as our biggest opponent for selling cheap mobiles.

·          And like before, still in a mood on shifting to a new career after giving birth (same lines as ever… hehehe!) Insha-Allah, I owe everything to Allah.



·          It’s confirmed! We’re flying to Philippines on July 1. Daddy and Mommy are so excited that as early as now they are keeping everything tidy as possible. Ngayon palang sinasabihan ko na sila na mag-ayos syempre. So many “kalat” kasi. Philippines, here we come!



·          Thinking slowly if I’ll sign up with web hosting or what. I find it expensive kasi. Ewan! We’ll see… I need more resources kasi.


So that’s it for now, need to update my links next time. I’m way behind Ms Yen’s QOTW – my goodness! I have so much PAD entries, wish ko lang ma-upload ko siya. Insha Allah by Monday (off to work), I’ll be able to update everything quickly.


Take Care blog friends!

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  1. My said:

    You’re finally back. Have a nice trip to the Phil. But is it allowed to fly when you’re preggy?

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