Hi Readers/Fellow Bloggers!

My name is Maryjay. I’m currently working with sales with a company who just opened up here in Doha for about a year and half. I’m the youngest daughter of Albert and Marcy – a retired Nurse, whose way back home keeping in touch with me thru texting. I’m a tita to nephews Roi Aldrin and Marth Ezekiel; tita to nieces Ana Raschelle and Faith Aryzel. And a proud sister to my ate Alma whose married to his college sweetheart kuya Ramil. 

I’m a graduate of Computer Science and got most of my work experience as a CSR with our very own Globe Telecom. Since I wasn’t able to practice my programming, I might as well enhance my knowledge with photo editing 🙂

I’ve been blogging for 2 years. Started with blogspot where I first found my self loving digi scrappin – that’s where my editing techniques come in. But then since I’m not that superb with Photoshop (regrettably) I decided to give up with scrapping and started to find a new hobby which is photography. Sweety just bought me a new camera for my birthday where I take pictures here and there then finding my self deleting them afterwards. Hahahaha! What to do? I’m hoping that I’ll stick to this hobby for long… that if, if my husband will be patient with me smiling while me taking a good shot of him. Hehehe! 😆

On the lighter side of me, I love singing! Music is my second life. Never had the chance to write any songs though… my long lost best friend does… Anyway, during high school days – cranberries era, I found myself (again) playing the guitar. Yes, I know how to strum the strings. Cool noh? Talented as they say, but all of these are way back already since I’m playing a new role in my life – the role of a WIFE.

Married? Yes! Happily married to my sweetie Abed since April 19th 2007. I’ve been blessed with a good family-in-laws who adores me so much. I met them last September 2007 during my MEET THE PARENTS Adventure in Damascus, Syria where my in-laws are right now. We have plans to have our Little Oweini in God’s time. So for now, we’re enjoying each other’s company as husband and wife – does cooking really is the duty of the wife? Because if it is, then really my mom should’ve scolded me for not watching her cook in the kitchen when I was still young. Sheesh! For the reason that now I’m having problems with this cooking thing huh!

Most of my blog entries are just everyday musings. Got a few readers, well that makes me sad… but it’s okay. I’m keeping it up day by day, making each entry a memorable one.

Welcome to my world – this is my journey “On my Own” words.

Salam’mu Alaykum & Ma’asalama! (Peace be with you, Bye!)

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