The other night, me and hubby was just watching the 80TH OSCAR AWARDS live on Dubai One. A few days after, I got an astonishing award from Ms Alpha. Thanks so much po! And yes, I feel like I’m a golden winner narin. Hehehe!


Passing these FANTASTIC BLOGGER AWARD to all my blog mentors: Ms Litzie, Ms Yen and Ms My 🙂 Thanks so much Ms Alpha again! Sa uulitin po 😀


Weew! I have another bloggy award from Ms Yen. She posted this a few days ago pa, but I just had the time now to post it. Thank so much Ms Yen. Aside from answering her QOTW and getting a lot of praises from her and the real score is she love my blog, hehehe! 😀 Thanks so so much po.

Like to pass on this award to the people who I look up to. Next to Ms Yen, I visit their site everyday! – Ms My, Ms Litzie, Ms Alpha and Ms Cynch.

The 2nd is for Aa {aka Mrs Dizon, hahaha! Just teasing you Sis}, kikay Anjella and to Melody. 

I’m so thankful to Ms Yen for giving me dozens of awards. Whenever I check my blog, I feel so happy talaga especially if someone left a comment for my entries. Especially this past few days where I kinda miss my barkada back home. I’ve been thinking lately who my true friends are. People sometimes know you because of some reasons. MInsan pa nga, yungmga taong di mo kilala ng husto eh yun pa yung nagiging close sayo. Bakit kaya noh? Is it so hard to have true friends or what?

Hey you – being a stranger to me, I’m passing to you this awards full of love for this month. Also to Aa, Mel, Ms Alpha, Ms My and Ms Shasha.

Btw, thanks so much for all the people who left their comments for my PAD #4 entry. I’m overwhelmed for all those compliments. Thanks so so much!

Have a happy (sweet) hearts day everyone! 😡

Oh how I love Ms Yen’s loyalty to give me an award. For me, this really is a gratitude. Imagine the efforts of putting my 5 lettered name on her blog just to share these awards? It’s a lot ha! Waah, I want to cry! hehehe! 😉

 Thank you so much Ms Yen – and to share the happiness, I’m passing these all to EVERYONE (and that’s you! yes, you!) Feel free to grab these awards and leave me a comment. In this way, I’ll be able to link you up and we’ll have a good way to start our blog friendship. Oh diba? 🙂

Yahoo Yahoo! I’m so happy and can’t wait to blog about my first ever blog award from Ms. Yen – Thanks so much po! I’m so happy kasi I know somehow I made you happy. Till next award, charot!


Would like to pass on this E Award to te Cynch, Jhellai, Melody, te Litzie (you cheer me up ate kaya I’ll give you another one) and Ceejhay 🙂