Yup, that’s me! The little fat boy has a dinner meeting with our General Manager tonight at Chilli’s. Wanted to come but it’s so informal me being there with all the boys around. He wants to make suhol for me though. He wanted me to order food just to make me feel okay, but I don’t have the mood to eat. You know, eating alone makes me sick. Hahaha!

So far, while being alone I’ve seen 8 episodes of Season 4 – Friends. As I’ve said, I’m addicted to it. Phoebe’s pregnant. You know, because Frank Jr.’s wife is too old to give birth. So Phoebe’s on call to use her uterus for the process. Hahaha! Adik!

Now, I’ve nothing to say…

Oh wait, I joined Ms Yen’s contest. The top commenter wins! Madali lang to! I just hope that I will always have access to the net in order to check her site. Wish ko lang manalo ako diba? 😀

Another thing, isn’t it we have this Sunday thing with the little boy’s friends. Well, tonight we have to postponed it. Got to stay home kasi. I’m so freakin’ tired! I want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Now, I’m getting bored again…

Oh wait, have I told you that I hubby got me a new phone? Yup yup yup… I’m a certified Motorola user now. Hihihi! It’s so cute and fancy. Good thing about it is that it’s PINK. Yup yup yup, love Pink. Well, I know having Motorola V3i is so old fashion already, but you know that if you want durability – Motorola calls it. During our training days, one of the Motorola guys put this V3i unfolded and hit it with it’s fist. Grabe! Hindi nasira! Oh diba, talking about durability huh? I know it’s old classy and everything but I’ve been craving for having a folding phone. Getting bored of having a bar phone kasi. What to do? But I still have my N73 with me. Put my Smart Roaming SIM in it. Got to used with the keys of Motorola though. Slight different kasi, hahaha! Soft keys and all.

Now, I’m running out of stories. Hahaha! The End.


I can’t think of anything to take a shot of for my next PAD entry except my loved photo frames. Hubby bought a new printer w/c he puts on top of his computer table. The problem now is all my photo frames are on top of it. I was thinking to put them all away, but then I said to myself that I will not abandoned each and every one of them – as if they can hear me, hehehe! Paranoid as ever, I just placed them on the side of our bed. Wish ko lang di malaglag lahat. Sabagay di naman malikot matulog si hubby eh. Hehehe! 

Yup, that’s me! Notice the cobra bangs? This is graduation picture that was taken last May 2004. This was the time they start saying that I looked like Jennelyn Mercado, hahaha! Oh really? 🙂

I saw this watch the other day and said to myself, I will buy it once the pay-day arrives. Today, I asked a friend of mine to buy this watch for me so that I can have a bigger discount. Hehehe! 😆

I’m really not fond of watches. I have a few of them but the whole lot has its cause why I bought each of it. Aside from the color mishmash (reason why I have I think all sets of colors) is that I’m also careful with the value. I’m planning to buy a big time watch. But I opt to get these watches first – then that’s the time I’ll plan to buy the big TIME (as in literally big because of the big price).

What there’s a sale? Yup! Knowing me, I usually buy my things on sale. NEXT shop was on sale for about a month already, but their prices went down last week – as in! A staff told me that they have these watches on sale for $ 7 only. Of course, I rushed up to check the designs and bought one for myself. 

Of course, FINK ito kung FINK. Fancy looking reason why I opt to buy it. 

After a few days, “ate” (I forgot again her name) whose working in a watch kiosk near our shop said that they have a new collection for CECI watches. I said to myself that I will not buy another watch since I’m planning to buy a big TIME watch remember? But then again, I failed to do so since I loved this design. CK exactly have the same design like CECI, so again – and I think this will not be the last, I bought one for myself. The price is not that expensive also. For a price $ 19, I had a CK imitation. 

Btw, when I got home and showed the new sets of watches I bought, hubby asked me “Sweetie, are you planning to put up a watch shop or what?” – hihihi! Can’t help but laugh on my answers 😆 Girls will always be girls 😉