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6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.
1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6.Because Life Is Fun 7. Piece o’Kaje 8. Mon a Bric 9. Celebrate Life 10.My Journey11. Deeply In Love 12. Pink and Brown Diaries 13. Happyheart 14. Wilstop 15. FunFierceFab 16. Nita’s Random Thoughts 17. Nita’s Corner 18. Thomas Web Links 19. Thomas Travel Tales 20. Make Money Online 21. Great Finds and Deals 22. PRC Board Exam Results 24. My Wandering Thoughts 25. Nita’s Ramblings 26. Just Me.. Eds 27. Etc Atbp 28. When Silence Speaks 29. Juliana’s Lair 30. Juliana’s World 31. Juliana’s Library 32. Blessed Chic 33. Can of Thoughts 34. Hailey’s Domain 35. Hailey’s Beats and Bits 36. ISL family 37. Arbitrary Thoughts 38. D’ Cooking Mudra 39. My Big Picture 40. Dancing in Midlife Tune 41. Blessings In Life 42. My Colorful World 43. Dare to Blog 44. Life Realities 45. WebGeek Journal DotNet 46. WebGeek Journal 47. Let’s Travel Philippines 49. MY DAILY THOUGHTS AND MOODS 50. A Sweet Taste Of Life 51. My Life in this Wonderful World! 52. Denz Techtronics 53. Denz Recreational 54. Surviving Deplyoment 55. Ester’s Raptured Dreams 56. Nipa Hut 57.Picture Clusters 58. My Wanderings 59.Maiylah’s Snippets 60. EuLehKulit 61. Life Quest 61.Being a wife. Being a Mom. 62. MoMie SPace 63.Woman Xplore 64. PinayWAHM 65. Agring’s Simply Digital 66. Agring’s Home & Garden 67. Agring’s Homecooking & Baking 68. Agring’s Electronics & Entertainments 69. Scrap Addict Sundays 70. Mommy Talks 71. Aggie Scraps 72.Teacher’s Corner 73. My Drift 74. lancernews 75. My so called Life 76. See Me for what You Will… 77. 78. 79. All about Mye life 80. Everything has a Reason 81. Life’s Impression 82. Some Thoughts I have 83. Life’s Lessons 84. Just Let Go 85. Pieces Of Me 86. Winding Creek Circle 87. BOTH SIDES NOW 88. Happy Life 89. Blessed Sanctuary 90.Confessions of an Army Life 91. moms….. check nyo 92. Mommy’s Little Corner 93. Wanna Be SuperModel 94. Gandacious 95. Jo-Jo’s Place 96.My Quiet Zone 97. Proud PINAY 98. Simply Jen 99. Jenny Said So 100. A Slice of Life 101. My Blog 102. TIP OF AN ICEBERG 103. Coffee Cup Princess 104. Deranged Insanity 105. Just Another Day 106. Stev & Emz Journey 107.Runaway THoughts of Emz 108. Heart of Rachel 109. Nora’s Notes 110. In the Life Of Mne 111. In my Kitchen 112. Nyumix’s Blog 113. Everything’s Here 114.Out of Nowhere 115. My Simple World 116. Seek Health. Feel Great 117. Smile Puppies 118. Almanacqueen 119. The Life of an Outback Pinay 120. Dancing With Butterflies 121. My Treasures 122. Everything Green 123. 124. Memoirs of a Filipina 125. The Pit Gadgetry! 126. My Daily Life Experience 127. Married and Happy About It 128. My Discoveries 129. iCreate+iDeas 130. My Healthy Living Journal 131. Busy Moms Cook 132. Christian Weekends 133. Reflexes 134. Caramel Corn 135. Sunny Side Up Foodie 136. A Mothers Horizon 137. Bits and Pieces 138. Whats Up! 139. Simply Me 140. Life and Me 141. A Handful of Surprises 142. Anything and Everything in Between 143. from here and beyond 144. The Nameless Blog 145. Exploring Asia 146. Malaya 147. Swan Portraits 148. BUSYNESSWORLD 149. Sprawt 150. Thinking Consciously? 151. BLOGSILOG 152. Cherry’s Comfort Zone 153. DigiScrapz: Captured Memories 154. Buzzy Me 155. Thinking Out Loud 156. Wishing and Hoping 157. Jobs for Davao 158. Jobs for Cebu 159. Filipino Jobs Abroad 160. PRC Board Exam Results 161. Nakedminds 162. Personal 163. Interesting 164. squeeshies 165. Shenzee’s World 166. Geekyology 167. Swanportraits 168. Rumination Under the Clouds 169. In My Home by Ria aka Msculit 170. It’s my Party (and I’ll cry if I want to…) by Ria aka Msculit 171. Malaya 172. Cheese: Jherson84 173. Beans: Jherson 174. EP Treasures 175. Republic of A 176. Nora’s Family Treasures 177. Points of View (Discussion Blog) 178. Gala Tayo! 179. Lucky Peso 180. Buhay Pinoy 181. Pinay Mommy’s Love Blog 182. MOMEMO 183. OnlineBiz and Resources 184. Lourdes’ Mia 185. Pinay Mommy’s DigiScrap and Musings in Life 186. Pinay Mommy Online 187. ‘nna 188. My Sweet Escape 189. The Next Chapter 190. Painted Life 191. Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen 192. The Real Deal 193. My Beautiful Life 194. Berry Blog 195. A Tsinay Blog 196. A Celebration of Life 197. My everything. 198. Gamay and Dako Adventures 199. Ester’s Daily Thoughts 200. Choc Mint Girl 201. I AM KCAT 202. RanZ-Goodies 203. RanZ-Famous 204. A Time to Weep and a Time to Laugh 205. Surviving the Circus of Life 206. The Nook207. Allen’Wifey 208. Fern’s Backyard 209. Amor’s Blog – My Place in Cyberspace 210. The Other Side of Me 211. Stylishbabe111407 212. The Inner Shopper 213. TheGeneralInfoBlog 214. my angels world 215. Pinoy Raket Online 216. My Life 217. BloggingInMyPyjamas 218. Baby Shern 219. Mariel 220. So Real 221. Okay, I am Arms and this is my blog 222.Lucid Creativity 223. Read my Mind 224.A Simple Life 225. My debt blog 226.1stopmom’s blog 227.Mommy Gamer 228. My First One Million Pesos 229. Mindless Thought 230. MommyandMe Boutique 231. My Life’s Labyrinth 232. 100% Kelly 233. Of Colors And Styles 234. KadusMama 235. The Maven 08 235. Rainbows 236. My freehand 237. Sentiments of a Effed-Up Man 238. Princess Vien 239. My freehand 240. Confessions of an Enchanting Princess 241. Marites-Pinay Heart Wanderings and Musings 242. Me, the Islands and the World243. Leaf In Deforest 244. MAX 245. Lhedy 246. Making sense..(somehow) 247. Our Life Together 248. angel’s heaven  249. My All
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Since it took me a long time to answer back this tag, and most of the friends’ lists answered it already, might as well tag YOU! Yes you the one reading/browsing/blog hopping right now.

Time for the exciting QOTW of Ms Yen.  Ehem! I have to congratulate myself since it didn’t took me 3 days to answer it, hehehe! 😆

1.What is your middle name? MALASAGA when I was still single, now it’s LOBITANA.
2. Favorite new fashion trend? Hmmm… hard question Ms Yen… let me think… I guess… anything basta I’ll feel comfortable.
3. Did you play with Barbies as a child? Everybody love Barbie & Ken. I had one, too bad I don’t have Ken – “Come on Barbie let’s go party…”
4. Ever call in “fake” sick to work? Done it numerous times!
5. What was the last concert you attended? “BSB Never Gone Tour” in Araneta last 20th of January 2006. That was my first and last major concert ever seen – I was with someone special and so close to my heart, my ever and only BestFriend.
6. What do you needlessly obsess over? Watching Season 1-10 of the old time famous FRIENDS.
7. Who was the last person you called? The fat boy – Sweety!
8. What is the weather like outside? The air is somehow cool.
9. Laptop or Desktop? Laptop, hehehe! 😀
10. What’s for dinner tonight? Cooked TINOLANG MANOK – this was supposedly for tomorrow coz I want to wake up late but unfortunately I craved sipping the soup of it, so I ended up eating it. Hahaha! I prepared simple Pasta with melted cheese for hubby {by demand}.

Weew! I have another bloggy award from Ms Yen. She posted this a few days ago pa, but I just had the time now to post it. Thank so much Ms Yen. Aside from answering her QOTW and getting a lot of praises from her and the real score is she love my blog, hehehe! 😀 Thanks so so much po.

Like to pass on this award to the people who I look up to. Next to Ms Yen, I visit their site everyday! – Ms My, Ms Litzie, Ms Alpha and Ms Cynch.

The 2nd is for Aa {aka Mrs Dizon, hahaha! Just teasing you Sis}, kikay Anjella and to Melody. 

Ms Yen tagged me again but now for a little fun. And same here, I think it took me 15mins to upload w/c is w/c! I choose to get the FEB 2008 edition of Mag cover to feel the LOVE in the air. This shot was taken a few months back when I just got my cam. Taking pictures of it and making fun, hahaha!

Click here to create your own MagMyPic. Sharing this fun tag to te Litzie, te Cynch and kikay Anjella 😀

Again, I’m so left behind with Ms Yen’s QOTW. Naman! I just posted my 3rd QOTW and when I checked Ms Yen’s blog, meron na palang QOTW #6 – waaaah! L kailangan ko ata mag-karoon ng reminder for this, hehehe!


My favorite…

1) color: pink
2) song: I’m so slow with the latests songs now. I’m into Arabic songs these past few weeks. I guess the influence of being with an Arab husband all day infects me 😀
3) sleepwear: PJ’s, loose shirt – sabi ni hubby mukha daw akong palaboy pag naka loose shirt ako 😆
4) beverage: Coke (adik sa soda)
5) romantic movies: Cutting Edge, Love Affair, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, 50 First Date, If Only, The Lake House, Transformer, Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Da Vinci Code,My BF’s Wedding, The Wedding Planner – OMG sorry ang dami ko kasing gusto… naman Ms Yen, next question please. Baka di ko matapos ang QOTW for this week, hehehe! 😆
6) snack: ahh… naku, kahit ano basta sweet – chocolates siguro.
7) month: April, October & December – why? Walang lang, hehehe!
8) smell: hubby’s perfumes (same answer Ms Yen)
9) person: kailangan pa bang imemorize yan? 😀
10) tourist attraction: I’ve always wanted to visit the famous Hong Kong Disneyland – dream on Jhari