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Yahoo! I’m back from hibernating, hehehe! Finally we were able to settle down in our new house and just last Monday, our DSL is connected na. Thanks to kuya Iqbal (our housemate, hehehe!) 😀


Again, though I’m not online and updated as always, every once in a while I still keep on checking blogs of my mentors. Tried to relate with their stories pero not able to read the whole blog stories of others kasi nasa work lang ako checking the net (nakaw net lang), 😆 also in my friendster account, my goodness! How I wish to check photo updates of my friends pero I can’t stay long talaga.


Well to update everyone (mahaba-habang inuman na naman itey):



·          I’m on my 16th week (4mos). Thanks God I’m not experiencing any morning sickness, though sometimes whenever I imagine something yucky, I will suddenly feel like vomiting (yucky nga eh, obvious ba? 😆 ). I’m still craving for any food with white sauce (Carbonara ever).

·          This coming June 1, we’ll visit our OB and Insha-Allah we’ll have the chance to know whether Little Oweini will be a boy or a girl 😉

·          I always feel insecure these past few weeks. Me and hubby always disagree with something nonsense naman. Feeling ko kasi pangit na ako eh, hehehe! Weirdo!

·          And lastly, my tummy is still small ever! People keep on asking me “oh really, buntis ka?” – my goodness! I don’t know if talagang maliit lang ako magbuntis or simply kasi maliit ako, hehehe! A colleague of mine is pregnant and she’s just ahead of me 1 week, and so far malaki na ang tummy nya and you really can notice that she’s pregnant, but for me totally reverse. Hmph! Darating din ang panahon, lalaki din tummy ko… wait lang kayo, hehehe!



·          Going strong ever. We’ve been married for 1 year and a month and counting. Everytime I wake up I thanks Allah for seeing him every morning beside me. We’ve been thru a lot these past months and I’m really really thankful coz he never gives up on me. He always calls me “Ms Trouble Maker”, hehehe! He’s been so supportive especially during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. Ever since I found out that we’re pregnant kasi, I very seldom cook food for him unlike before. I’m so tired of work kasi that every time I got home, all I will do is sleep nalang. He complains though pero hanggang dun lang. “I’m sorry Sweetie…” – words usually uttered during our misunderstanding is never-ending. How lucky I am to have him in my life.



·          Last 27th of April, Starlink opened up their 2nd kiosk and 7th shop here in Doha. Villagio Kiosk is up and running under of course Mohammed’s supervision. I love Villagio. There’s Carrefour, Bershka, Mango (love MNG), LV (newly opened), ALDO, Milano, Lacoste, Claire’s Accessories, Top Shop, River Island, Next, H&M, ProMod, Pre-Natal (ang mahal dito as in! The price of clothes for pregnant women are way to high huh!), Zara and more shops to buy kikay stuffs. Basta maraming shops na pwedeng pagpilian. What’s the negative thing? Sobrang layo nga lang talaga ng Villagio. One thing I hate about this mall is that every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they close at 11 o’clock pm! OMG! And every Friday, we open 1:30pm to 11am. Not used of working early on Fridays kasi all our shops open 3 or 4pm. Friday here in Middle East is like a Sunday in Philippines. What to do yani? We can’t complain to the management and tell them to open late. Carrefour kasi is already open as early as 8am so they advised all tenants to open early. Sheesh! What more during Ramadan (Fasting Month for Muslims)?

·          We have a good start though for Villagio Sales. Showtime is up and running, though mobile sold are not that high. We still have Carrefour as our biggest opponent for selling cheap mobiles.

·          And like before, still in a mood on shifting to a new career after giving birth (same lines as ever… hehehe!) Insha-Allah, I owe everything to Allah.



·          It’s confirmed! We’re flying to Philippines on July 1. Daddy and Mommy are so excited that as early as now they are keeping everything tidy as possible. Ngayon palang sinasabihan ko na sila na mag-ayos syempre. So many “kalat” kasi. Philippines, here we come!



·          Thinking slowly if I’ll sign up with web hosting or what. I find it expensive kasi. Ewan! We’ll see… I need more resources kasi.


So that’s it for now, need to update my links next time. I’m way behind Ms Yen’s QOTW – my goodness! I have so much PAD entries, wish ko lang ma-upload ko siya. Insha Allah by Monday (off to work), I’ll be able to update everything quickly.


Take Care blog friends!


Hi everyone! I really feel sorry for being out of the blue for a while. I’m trying my best to create a post but then I feel so so lazy that sometimes I just want to sleep whenever I get home. Though of course, I’ve been visiting blogs of my mentors and tried commenting every once in a while. I’ve missed a lot of tags from others and again I’m really sorry guys for not having the chance to answer back for it.


Well here goes the stories about:



·          I’m on my 9th week. I’m telling you the first 2mos of my pregnancy was a disaster! Aside from experiencing morning sickness, shucks! I’ve been craving for foods a lot. I was craving for strawberries during the 1st month and yoghurt. Then it stopped suddenly. After that, I want meals with tomato sauce like Mechado, Spaghetti or even anything with white sauce like Carbonara or Ginataang Manok. I hate bbq Chicken or anything that was cooked that way. What else? The other night, I was craving for cotton candy, hahaha! Siguro dahil pink.

·          I changed my OB. My friend who got pregnant advised me to go see her OB. Visited him last 1st week of April and finally able to see our bundle of joy by 8wks thru 3D Ultrasound. Was so happy that time. I felt like crying pero pinigil ko kasi nakakahiya eh, hehehe!

·          I still feel so grumpy every now and then and super super tamad kong kumilos. I don’t know how to explain it pero super lazy ako especially with cooking. I always fight with hubby since we moved in to our new place I don’t feel like cooking. What to do? He feels grumpy at the same time. Feeling ko nga sometimes I like to hop over him tulad ng sabi ng iba so that he’ll be the one na maglihi instead of me para maranasan nya yung nararamdaman ko, hehehe! Pero you know, he’ll be happy to do it if it will make me feel okay 😀

·          I’m still drinking my Folic Acid as prescribed by my first OB. I’m kinda watching over my sugar level since recently super taas ng sugar test ko. The nurse in the clinic said that it’s natural for pregnant women to have high sugar during pregnancy. It’s very common daw since the body of the woman is in change. I owe everything to Allah to make everything normal, insha Allah.

·          By November, I’m planning to bring my ever loving mother in order to support me after giving birth. “Mom knows best” as they say. Insha Allah, everything will turn out by His will.



·          It’s our 1st year anniversary this coming Saturday 19th of April. Hubby planned not to go out with his friends to play Counter Strike on Sunday just because he wants to stay with me, oh really? I’m so blessed to have the most understanding person with me right now. Though there are really some things we can’t get along with – in the end LOVE CONQUERS all.



·          We moved in to our new place last March 27th so it was another thing stopping me for blogging. Aside from arranging all the stuffs eh our new place doesn’t have that enough space like before, so it was a hard time for me to place all our things together. We need to sell our tv and we bought a new one so that we’ll be able to hang it on the wall. Hubby spends a lot for this place since we bought all the furniture in it. We were leaving in a fully furnished flat before that’s why half of our savings was spent just to fill in the things we need for the new place. We’re still leaving with ate Heyam and husband + baby Feras. It makes our little place cozy and peaceful though it’s so small talaga. Hahaha! Imagine that we don’t have a dining table! Yup yup yup, we’re all eating in our very own sala/dining room. We’re using the center table as our dining table and sometimes we do the tradition Arabic way w/c is sitting on the floor, hehehe!

·          We have WIFI access here in our new place w/c is another good thing. We save a lot because of this. Though hubby can’t resist signing up with Showtime Satellite TV so to prevent us from watching repeatetive movies in free to air channels. So addicted with Style Network since we got Showtime, hehehe! What to do? All girls like watching wedding stories, wedding proposals and most of all dressing up good right? Besides, that’s what this channel is for anyway 😉



·          We have a new kiosk that will soon open within the following days. Unfortunately, I’m assigned to that location together with my recent supervisor w/c is so far from where we leave right now. It’s like halfway already. It usually takes me what 10 to 15mins going to work, and now it will take me 30mins or more just to get to Villagio. Though there’s a service that will pick me up but imagine the grace period. The service right now is arriving 30mins before my duty, but with the new work place – it will be earlier of course.

·          I’m still hanging on with the decision of shifting to a new career after giving birth. Unless something fortunate happens in the future.



·          It was well discussed that we’ll have our leave this coming July to Philippines. Hubby will finally see the wonders of my home country. We were setting up not to continue with the vacation but hubby said that next year we’ll go back to Syria for our holiday to see his family – it suddenly made me realized that by saying that, it will make me see Pinas by 2010! MY GOD! I said to myself. It’s a big NO NO! So I was certain to continue with the first plan. We were supposed to come home by October after Ramadan, but since I’ll be giving birth by November and due to Airline restrictions, we have to leave before September. August is not a good month to spend our journey due to rainy season. Hubby might not enjoy his visit, so we opt to go this July. We still have time to save enough (I dearly hope).

·          Since we’re planning to go for our short journey, ever since 1st week of April my mind is all set up to check the net where to bring hubby. Was planning to bring him to the ff:

o         Tagaytay Highlands

o         Enchanted Kingdom

o         Ocean Park (first time also)

o         Mall of Asia (my first time again, hihihi!)

o         SM Malls (what to do? I want to see him how many malls we have right now comparing to Syria noh!)

o         Puerto Gallera (our major trip)

o         Malacañang? Hahaha! Dream on Jhari!

o         Bar/Disco hopping? Nope! Cannot be carry one by one. Alcohol’s not included on our list eh. And if ever I will

There are so many places I want to bring him. I can’t even think where to start since we’ll only have what 20 days for our vacation. Hubby has other plans with the remaining days kasi. If you have any suggestions since it’s been a while since my last visit to Pinas, I will be very very grateful for it. As in, really!



·          I’m beginning to be depressed with wordpress ha. Just because I’m using a free account does it mean that I can’t load up any html codes or blog things on my side bar/ widget? I can’t even set up a simple cbox on it w/c make me think twice of shifting back to blogspot again. How much ba to spend on a paid domain in a year? I don’t want to lose all my previous post just because of the kikay stuff I want to add up, so please I need your help on this again. I’m so slow with this things and I’m a newbie with it, so please advise 🙂



·          I lost track of my berks back home. I pray that they are ALL doing well. I still remember them every once in a while. Happy moments, sad moments, kikay moments and gimik moments. Do you think they still remember me? Hehehe! Tao lang po na nagiisip. Sana marunong din silang umalala diba? Tamaan wag magagalit. You know who you are, miss ko na kayo!



·          Back home, they are now preparing themselves for the big vacation in 2mos time. Mommy said that they will let me and hubby sleep in their room instead of sleeping in my room since my bed is only good for one person. Instead of buying a big bed, they will let us sleep nalang in the master bedroom since hubby’s planning to buy an AC. Takot sa lamok at init kasi. My goodness!

·          My brother in law’s back in the Philippines since his luck in Riyadh Saudi was not on his side. Aside from receiving late salaries, they are not paying his overtime as well and they are being treated badly by their chief. Might as well go home nalang at least kasama pa nya family nya thru thick and thin. Though it will be a big impact since my nephew and niece are on their college years right now. As much as I wanted to help them financially, I can’t. Hubby can support me all the way but the salary I’m having right now is enough to support my parents and to have a little saving for me and hubby. That’s why I’m praying that somehow my BIL’s resume will push thru so that he can work here in Qatar with me. I don’t want my pamangkins to stop studying by June. Insha Allah, in His will.


Well, so far I’ve updated everything I need to say. I guess my next topic will be my pending QOTWs of Ms Yen. Hehehe! I think I’m 4 days behind the schedule already. Hehehe! Ciao for now!

I cannot express what I exactly feel right now. But all I want to do is to share this grief I have. And in the end, I would need any guidance from people out there who is a Mom or a Mom in a making.

A few weeks from now, a dear friend of mine will give birth to their first baby boy. I have now this sad feeling {let’s say envy} and asking myself on a daily basis why I and hubby don’t have our little Oweini yet. While eating dinner, I asked Sweety one question that made my day {everyday} a disaster. The question was “Are you sad that it’ll be 1 year of marriage and we still don’t have our little Hesham?” – he answered me by saying: “60% I’m asking myself why. Was it me or you that have the setback? But 40% of the answer I know that it’s the will of Allah why up to now we don’t our little Oweini.” —– 60/40? It’s like saying 60% was because of me.

Ewan ko ba. I feel guilty though because part of me is not ready to be a mom but another half is ready. Which is which, I don’t know!

Before getting married was not at all in my plans, I swear. I was happy being single – was involved with someone but never imagined that I will cross that line. So now, being a parent is totally beyond {for now} my responsibilities. Aside from being so stress with work, I’m also {still and I think forever} supporting my parents’ needs. I myself am totally not financially ready. A close friend of mine told me that it’s okay for me to continuously support my parents because in reality my husband will support the needs our baby and mine. Well, that’s true. I never thought of that actually. Haay buhay makulay!

You know, every month I keep on waiting for the girl thing but when it comes I feel bad about it. Coz I know we didn’t succeed again. But you know again, I feel happy. Hay naku ewan ko ba! Ako ata ang may topak eh.

I know in God’s time… Insha-Allah when I’m emotionally ready… Little Oweini will surprise me all of a sudden. For now, I’ll think of it in a positive way and just enjoy our lives together. Marami nga jan ilang years ng kasal wala parin anak diba? We’re both young naman diba? I think I’m just paranoid noh? Hehehe!

Anyway, thanks for staying with me thru this feeling. I appreciate your time reading, hehe! Libangin ko nalang muna sarili para di ko muna isipin ang topic na ‘to.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Was tagged by Ms Litzie by answering random questions about my husband. These are facts about our marriage life. Naks naman! Thanks te Litzie! 😀

How long did you date? For about 8 months only. I thought I believed in long engagement, hahaha!

How old is he? He just turned 27 last October. He’s older than me 2 months.

Who eats more? My goodness! No need to think, HIM!

Who said “I love you” first? When we were still dating, no one say the 3 words. We we’re not expecting that our relationship will end in marriage. Wallah! But when destiny was trying to separate us, he said I LOVE YOU first. oh diba? Surprise! 😉

Who is taller? He is.

Who sings better? Ehem! Hate to admit but singing is one of God’s gift to me. Cebuano kaya ang tatay ko kaya mahilig kumanta. Hubby on the other side sings well, but Arabic songs lang since whenever he sings English songs, the lyrics of the songs sounds funny 😆

Who is smarter? He is – no doubt!

Whose temper is worse? Hehe! Malamang ako! 😀

Who does the laundry? The washing machine – gotta grab the same answer Ms Litzie. I’m terrible in washing clothes by hands. 

Who does the dishes? Whenever I make lambing, he does. But it’s always me. What to do? He’ll get back at me asking “Why is washing the dishes the work of a husband?” so instead of arguing, I will do it nalang 😉

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does since it’s near the door. Doesn’t make sense right?

Who pays the bills? He does. It’s his work not mine. That’s the good thing about our marriage. I never think of the expenses. Cook food only, hehehe! 😆

Who mows the lawn? Lawn of loan? 😆

Who cooks dinner? “The role of a wife is to serve his husband” – famous line by hubby. So who else cook, me!

Who drives when you are together? He does… since I’m a nervous freak on the road.

Who is more stubborn? Both of us! Hahaha!

Who kissed who first? My goodness! Him! Kulang nalang tanggalin nya ang pisngi ko kakahalik, charot!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I asked hubby to answer this question, he said “Both of us Sweety.” – That’s true. Because both of us will sacrifice if we don’t say our sorries.

Whose parents do you see the most? Oh men! We’re both separated with them. However, last year we got to see his family. On the other hand, it’ll be 2 years since I last seen my loving Daddy and Mommy. Oh how I miss them!

Who proposed? Aba! Siya noh! 😆 Pa-Maria Clara effect ata ito 😉

Who is more sensitive? Both of us, hahaha!

Who has more friends? Huh? Hihihi! Can’t answer that since his friends are my friends and my friends is his friends.

Who has more siblings? Hubby.

Who wears the pants in the family? As in jeans or what?

Belated, Happy Hearts Day!

I guess everyone blogged about their Valentines Day already. I’m so left behind again. Wasn’t able to go online for quite some time. So busy with work and every time I got home, aside from reading updates with my fellow blog mentors, I’m trying to convince myself with something else. Will tell you more about this story I guess in a later time.

But first, let me share you how me and my little/big fat boy {my ever dearest hubby – this will be his new pet name since he’s getting bigger as expected :lol:} The fat boy called me from his shop asking me where I want to eat dinner. Thinking that our work finishes 10 in the evening, we might as well order food to be delivered to our cozy flat. But sudden change of mind, the fat boy decided to make his own burger sandwich. Haaay! We sat down with the soon-to-be-dadi/mami {ate Heyam & Iqbal} to chat about what else, work! 😆 What’s new?

The fat boy and I, after eating went inside our room… huh? What’s next? We slept! Hahaha! Ano ba! Tanungin daw ba? 😆 naughty naughty… tsk tsk tsk!

Oh diba, how sweet ng vd namin? I was reminiscing the other day about our vd last year. We all planned to go along the famed Corniche and to ride the ferry. But we’re so unfortunate because when we arrived, the ferry went home na! hahaha! Yup, nag sara na sila. Oh diba? So we decided to eat our Shawarma and took dark pictures. Why? Ghassan bought his digi cam and again unfortunately, its low batt! Panalo! Good thing ate Heyam have her N73 w/ flash. Finally, some light on our faces 😆

After we eat, kanya kanya na. Ate Heyam and Iqbal continued to take pictures, kuya Gelo & Di continued eating {ata}, ate Ana & Lyn emo ever. The fat boy and I sat together quietly. Why? Sermon ever! I’m about to be his wife for about 1 more month, the fat boy talked about respect, understanding & trust. I just kept quiet. I never imagined that everything he planned will turn out true. Allah is great! 😀

Reminiscing ever, back to reality. Now with the photos. Here’s what the fat boy gave to his little Mom.

He got me a new Teddy! I gave him his first ever cufflinks.

Ms Yen tagged me again but now for a little fun. And same here, I think it took me 15mins to upload w/c is w/c! I choose to get the FEB 2008 edition of Mag cover to feel the LOVE in the air. This shot was taken a few months back when I just got my cam. Taking pictures of it and making fun, hahaha!

Click here to create your own MagMyPic. Sharing this fun tag to te Litzie, te Cynch and kikay Anjella 😀